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New Indoor Smart Home Security Cameras at Batteries Plus

Tech - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 8/31/2021

Using a camera to see what the dog is doing

Indoor smart cameras are a perfect all-in-one resource for your home. Not only do they work as traditional security cameras, they're also great for monitoring a child's nursery and keeping track of pets while you're away from home. Batteries Plus recently added two new models, the Geeni Glimpse and Scope, to their selection of smart home options. Today, we'll be taking an in-depth look at these new cameras and offering up some handy ways you can use them around your home.

The Geeni Glimpse or Scope: Which Camera is Right for Your Home?

Both the Glimpse and Scope make for a great home security option. Both enable you to livestream 1080p HD video from anywhere using your phone or tablet. They also feature night vision, motion detection and can send real-time notifications to your device when movement is detected. There's even an auto-tracking feature which locks onto movement and pans toward it for elevated surveillance. You can also listen in and speak to anyone in the room using the cameras' 2-way audio function.

The biggest difference between the two is how they are displayed. The Glimpse is a wall-mounted model that easily attaches to any wall in your home. It features a swivel-designed neck engineered to help you find the perfect angle. The Scope is a simple, stand-up model. Place it anywhere in the room, from desks to bookshelves, then pan and tilt the camera remotely using your phone.

What is a Smart Security Camera Used for?

Smart home cameras are a great alternative to traditional security systems. Instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars a year to a security company, you can pick up the Glimpse or Scope for under $50. Not only can you monitor your home, both cameras also record and store video footage (with the purchase of a separate SD card). In the case of a break in, you'll have valuable evidence to share with the police.

A smart home camera is also great for keeping an eye on infants, young children and animals. They make great nursery or playroom cameras, allowing you to view and listen in on what your kids are doing. If you have a pet who gets up to shenanigans at home, you can keep tabs on them to make sure they're behaving properly.

Do you have a room in your home full of valuable antiques or dangerous equipment? Set up your smart camera to send real-time alerts if any motion is detected. If a child strays into the room, you can use the 2-way communication feature to speak with them before an accident can happen.

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Batteries Plus sells a full assortment of smart home solutions, including smart light bulbs, plugs, outlets, garage door openers and more. Read about some of our additional smart home security options, or stop by your nearest store and have your questions answered in person.

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