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Batteries Plus Bulbs Has Everything You Need to Handle Your Home Projects

Tech - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 4/22/2020

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Now that the weather’s finally warming up, it’s time to tackle all of those little tasks you’ve been putting off for the winter. Whether you’re swapping out batteries in your home gadgets or looking to improve your exterior lighting, Batteries Plus Bulbs has everything you need to complete your honey-do list and begin your summer in style.

Replacement Batteries

Pick up an alkaline battery tester and test the batteries in all of your household gadgets. Be sure to check the smoke detectors. Give the batteries in your TV remote a look too. It’s also a good time to check the batteries in your garage door remotes too. As you start working through your home, be sure to have plenty of extra alkaline batteries on hand to use for replacements.

Updating the Garage

Speaking of garage doors, now’s the perfect time to pick up that spare remote you’ve been needing. We offer a number of universal remote options, as well as a convenient keypad that can be mounted to the exterior of your garage. Smart home garage openers offer the convenience of controlling, confirming and monitoring your garage door through a simple cell phone app.

Do you have trouble judging the proper amount of space for your car? This handy parking assistance ball helps you park perfectly every time. It lowers in place when the garage door is opened and retracts when the door is closed to stay out of your way.

What about cords, are they tangled up all over your garage like spaghetti? Gear ties and Cord Bytes are the perfect way to unknot wires, organize Christmas lights and keep your work space looking nice and organized.

Upgrading Your Lighting

Let's talk lighting. As the nights grow warmer, there are barbecues, pool parties and other outdoor fun on the horizon. Make sure that your patio or backyard is properly lit. Swap out those old spent light bulbs, or consider upgrading to a more energy-efficient option like LED light bulbs. We have everything you need to create the perfect outdoor ambiance, so choose the type of mood you want to set, or find the right light bulb to fit your home fixtures.

Maybe you’re just looking to add some extra illumination to a dark room or basement. In that case, we recommend the Bell & Howell Triburst Multi-Directional LED lamp. This light is perfect for garages, basements, attics, closets and other spaces where you want additional lighting, but only have a single light bulb socket available. It easily screws into any traditional E26 or E27 base light socket and provides you with 4,000 lumens of LED lighting. Best of all, the three 90-degree adjustable panels allow you to tailor the lighting angle to fit your needs.

Smart Home

We mentioned smart home garage door openers above, but there are a number of other convenient smart home products available to you as well. If you’re looking to increase your home security, outdoor and indoor live streaming cameras allow you to monitor your home via an app on your cell phone. Plus, there are optional motion detectors available for windows, doors and other sensitive areas that will alert you if they have been opened.

Smart Home isn’t just about security though. Smart light bulbs and plugs provide you with the convenience of turning off lights and appliances remotely from miles away, using your voice or an app on your phone.

As you can see, taking care of those household tasks is simple when you have the right tools. Before you begin your spring cleaning, be sure head to your nearest Batteries Plus Bulbs or visit our online store to find everything you need to spruce up your home for summer.

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