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How Fast Can Batteries Plus Repair My Phone?

Tech - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 4/3/2023

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We rely on our phones for almost everything now, which means that if your phone goes down, it's an enormous inconvenience. If your phone is suffering from a shattered screen, a dead battery or some other issue, you want it fixed as fast as possible. Here's the good news; Batteries Plus can help. We offer iPhone repair, Samsung repair and repair services for additional brands at nearly all of our 700+ stores. Keep reading for a closer look at how quickly we can fix your phone.

How Long Does It Take to Fix a Cell Phone at Batteries Plus?

The technicians at Batteries Plus are trained experts who work incredibly fast. Here is a breakdown of the average time it takes to repair common cell phone issues. Keep in mind that these are only average estimates. The actual time it takes to repair your phone depends on the severity of the damage, the type of device and how busy the technicians are during your appointment.

  • Cell phone screen repair - an average of 60 minutes
  • Cell phone battery replacement - an average of 45-60 minutes
  • Front or rear camera repair - an average of 60 minutes (Note: front camera repairs can't be completed on iPhone X & newer since they are Face ID and linked to the device)
  • Broken back glass - an average of 30 minutes for Samsung, an average of 2-3 hours for Apple
  • Broken speakers - an average of 60 minutes
  • Malfunctioning port - an average of 60 minutes

Does Batteries Plus Repair Tablets?

Batteries Plus also offers tablet repair service for Amazon, Apple, Samsung and other model tablets. Here is how long you can expect an average tablet repair to take:

  • Tablet screen repair - an average of 60 minutes
  • Tablet battery replacement - an average of 60-90 minutes

Why Batteries Plus Has the Best Technicians

At Batteries Plus, we strive to set ourselves apart through our participation in the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association's   Wireless Industry Service Excellence (WISE) program. The WISE program certifies a technician's ability to perform repair functions according to a set of industry-standard methods.

This means that when you bring your device to a participating Batteries Plus store, you can be sure that the technicians there have met the highest standards for service quality and technical skill. WISE certification is available at participating locations only. Learn more about WISE certification in our blog entitled, "What is WISE Certification and What Does It Mean for Cell Phone Repair?"

Does Batteries Plus Use Samsung Parts?

Batteries Plus also takes part in the Samsung Independent Service Provider program. This partnership allows us to repair Samsung phones using genuine Samsung parts and equipment. Available at participating locations and when parts are available.

Does Batteries Plus Offer a Cell Phone Repair Warranty?

Batteries Plus offers a nationwide limited 6-month warranty on all cell phone repairs. If you're still experiencing issues with the repaired component, just bring it to any one of our stores and we'll fix the issue at no additional cost. Keep in mind that the warranty is voided if the device has been altered or repaired by another party.

Book Your Device Repair Appointment at Batteries Plus

If you're stuck with a damaged phone or tablet, don't wait; book your appointment online today. Don't feel like making an appointment? No problem. Just stop into your neighborhood Batteries Plus when it's most convenient for you and we'll be happy to help. Learn more about this topic in our blog entitled, "5 Reasons You Should Have Your Phone Fixed at Batteries Plus."

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