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Batteries Plus Makes Back to School Shopping Simple

Tech - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 7/7/2021

Girl sitting on the ground at school with her phone in hand and laptop on her lap

Sending a kid off to college can be a colossal undertaking. From packing, to purchasing textbooks, to learning the layout of the campus, there's a lot to keep track of. Batteries Plus can help make things just a little bit easier by providing you with the chargers, batteries and other essentials they need to power things like laptops and phones, and keep vehicles performing reliably.

Shop Laptop Batteries and Chargers at Batteries Plus

Laptops are standard equipment for students, but they're only as good as the battery that powers them. A typical laptop battery will last between one and two years. After that, it can experience problems such as slow recharge times and even crashing.

Batteries Plus can test your laptop battery for free and let you know if it's time for a replacement. We carry new laptop batteries for all major brands and offer battery installation service. Plus, we can recycle your old battery. Our stores also carry additional extras like spare chargers, surge protectors and UPS backup systems.

Batteries Plus Carries Cell Phone Essentials

Before sending your child off to college, you'll want to be sure that they have a cell phone they can rely on. Just like with laptops, a cell phone's performance depends largely on the condition of its battery, which begins to degrade after about two years. Batteries Plus makes it easy to check your battery's performance. Just stop into any one of our 700+ stores and we'll test if for you, free of charge.

If your battery is past its prime, we can replace it with a brand new battery. Plus, we can fix additional issues such as cracked screens, broken buttons or malfunctioning ports. Book your appointment online today. Need a new phone case, charger or cable? Check out our Phone Essentials page for all that and more.

What are the Must-Have Gadgets?

Batteries Plus offers plenty of little extras perfect for campus life. Gear ties and cord bytes are great for helping students secure and protect cords when space is tight. Or, pick up a power bank so they can charge their phone when they're on the go.

Batteries Plus is Your Auto Headquarters

Is your child taking a car or truck with them to college? If so, you'll want to make sure their vehicle is as reliable as possible. Have the battery tested for free at your nearest Batteries Plus location. Need a battery replacement? We carry top-quality batteries from the most trustworthy brands, plus most of our locations offer free installation on most vehicles. Even better, if your child encounters a problem while they're away at school, they can bring their vehicle into any Batteries Plus and have their battery tested then. With 700+ locations throughout the country, there's sure to be a store near their campus.

The ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini is another great resource for parents with college-bound children. This handy gadget lets you track the health of a vehicle's battery and engine remotely via phone, making it a perfect way to keep track of auto issues before they become a problem.

Our stores also carry important extras like new wiper blades, headlight bulbs, auto fuses, plus booster cables and jump starters for emergencies. Need a new key fob or car key remote? Our employees program new key fobs and swap out batteries in existing car remotes.

Stock Up for College at Batteries Plus

Simplify your college prep by shopping at Batteries Plus. Testing the batteries in laptops, phones and vehicles will give you valuable piece of mind as a parent, knowing that your child is powered up and ready for the upcoming semester.

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