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Trust Batteries Plus to Keep Your Vehicle Fleet Running Smoothly

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 7/28/2021

The Best Batteries For Your Fleet, Truck driving down the road

Summer is a tough time for vehicles. High heat can take a serious toll on the batteries in cars and trucks, cutting their life expectancy by as much as half. If your business maintains its own fleet of vehicles, you know how disruptive it can be when one of them goes down. If you’re tired of constantly replacing the batteries in cars and trucks, Batteries Plus can help. We can save you both money and maintenance time by recommending the best batteries for your industry. Plus, we offer free battery testing, key fob replacement and other services designed to help keep your vehicles running smoothly.

Why Does Your Vehicle’s Battery Die in Hot Weather?

High temperatures can cause the water in your battery’s electrolyte solution to evaporate. When this substance gets too low, it exposes the battery’s plates, causing them to corrode. This causes a whole host of problems, including longer charging times, shorter performance times and, if not dealt with, a massive decrease in your battery’s overall life. Even worse, if you live in an area that experiences winter, the damage done to your battery in summer is often made worse once the weather turns cold.

Batteries Plus Has the Best Vehicle Battery Solutions

By partnering with us, you’ll have access to your own dedicated advisor who will work with you to help you get the best performance possible from your fleet of vehicles. If you find that you’re constantly replacing your vehicles’ batteries, you may be using the wrong charger, or, perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a better brand of battery.

We stock a number of high-performance battery options, including AGM batteries from trusted brands like Duracell and our exclusive X2Power brand. Switching to AGM batteries will provide you with more power and cranking amps than traditional flooded batteries, resulting in longer life cycles and a greater resistance to hot and cold weather.

Additional Vehicle Solutions at Batteries Plus

Are you experiencing performance issues with one of your vehicles? Have it tested for free at one of our 700+ locations. By testing your batteries regularly, you’ll be able to uncover a dying battery before it becomes a problem. We also offer free battery installation on most vehicles at most of our locations, as well as key fob programming and replacement service.

Not sure what to do with your old vehicle batteries? Take advantage of our recycling services. In addition, we can provide your business with other automotive essentials such as auto fuses, battery chargers, battery boxes, jumper cables, jump packs, brake/headlight bulbs and more.

It’s Easy to Partner with Batteries Plus

Are you interested in taking advantage of everything Batteries Plus can do for your business? Sign up today for one of our free business accounts. You’ll be eligible for our full complement of perks, including discount volume pricing, customized delivery options, as well as free on-site and virtual needs assessments. Our experts will work with you to help you save money by using power and lighting more efficiently. Plus, your dedicated advisor is there to answer any questions you might have.