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Batteries Plus Makes It Easy to Replace Your UPS Battery

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 10/26/2022

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As a business owner, you know how important UPS systems are in backing up critical equipment. Unfortunately, your UPS system is only as good as the battery inside it. Without regularly testing and replacing its battery, your UPS system can fail just when you need it most. Batteries Plus makes it easy for your business to stay prepared for the unexpected. Our stores provide a variety of battery replacement options. Plus, our dedicated advisors can help you find the best battery options for your specific needs.

How Do I Know if My UPS Battery Needs to Be Replaced?

Most UPS systems will come with some kind of indicator light or alarm sound which will tell you when the batteries are beginning to run down. While these alerts are usually quite reliable, it is possible for them to fail, which is why it's a good idea to check the batteries periodically on your own.

The age of the battery is also something you should pay attention to. Most standard SLA batteries will last around three to five years, although a high-rate SLA battery will last as long as ten years. If your battery is roughly that age, it's a good idea to test it by using the self-test button on the UPS unit or by unplugging the UPS unit itself to see if it maintains power.

Can You Use Any Battery in a UPS?

One of the most common questions our B2B advisors are asked is whether a UPS system requires OEM batteries. The answer is no. When it comes time to replace the batteries in your UPS unit, any high-quality SLA battery will work.

When you purchase a non-OEM battery from Batteries Plus, you can be confident that it will perform as well as the original. Not only do we offer UPS batteries from trusted brands like Duracell, but our entire catalog of products undergoes rigid quality testing to ensure that you're receiving nothing but the best quality replacement batteries.

What is a High-Rate UPS Battery?

There are several different types of SLA batteries, which are manufactured for different applications. High-rate SLA batteries contain a larger number of plates inside them than a standard SLA battery. These plates are also thinner, which allows them to provide a large amount of energy very quickly. High-rate SLA batteries also have incredibly long lifespans (of up to ten years) and require very little maintenance. This makes them ideal for use in UPS units.

What are Your UPS Battery Replacement Options?

When it comes time to replace the batteries in your UPS, you have several different options.

#1 Batteries Plus Builds UPS Battery Packs

Most UPS units rely on several batteries, which must be connected to one another in parallel pairs. Setting this up can be time-consuming, especially if your business has a limited number of IT professionals on staff. Plus, if the batteries aren't connected properly, it could cause your system to fail when the power goes out.

Batteries Plus can help save you the hassle of replacing UPS batteries yourself with our professional battery replacement service. Not only will our experts build your battery pack, we'll also work with you to help you find the best installment options.

#2 Batteries Plus Offers UPS Replacement Battery Cartridge Kits

Replacement battery cartridge kits (also known as RBC kits) are a pre-kitted, drop-in solution for your UPS system. An RBC kit comes with all of the batteries already combined in an array that fits your system perfectly. With an RBC kit, there are no complicated connections to worry about, just plug the cartridge into your system and it's ready to go.

#3 Batteries Plus Offers Replacement UPS Units

Are you looking to upgrade your current UPS unit to a better model? Batteries Plus can help with that too. We offer a number of UPS backup units from brands like APC and CyberPower. Best of all, our experts can help point you towards the best UPS unit for your specific backup needs.

Take Advantage of Everything Batteries Plus Can Do for Your Business

Batteries Plus has access to thousands of battery and lighting solutions, but that's not all. Our dedicated advisors are available to answer your questions over the phone. Plus, we offer free on-site needs assessments. Our experts will tour your facility and help identify ways you can save money by using power more efficiently.

If you're interested in everything Batteries Plus can do for you, why not sign up today for one of our free business accounts  ? Once you do, you'll receive a number of valuable perks, including competitive volume pricing, fast, local delivery and more. If your business has a national presence, consider partnering with our National Accounts Division  . Our experts can help reduce your costs and simply your procurement through our in-house nationwide distribution center.

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