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A National Brand With Local Stores: Our Battery Solutions

For Professionals - by Bill Petherbridge - updated on 7/6/2023

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When searching for battery solutions  , it can be difficult for some business owners to find a supplier who can send them what they need promptly or on time. These challenges are common for businesses that do not have someone on their team with a background in batteries, power, or energy. Luckily for them, this is where Batteries Plus can enter the picture and provide a valuable set of products and services that address the battery and lighting needs   of their business.

Batteries Plus Business gives our account members the reassurance that they can rely on a national brand with a local presence near their own business. This allows Batteries Plus Business to service many different power capabilities to business owners who might otherwise be left to handle it on their own. Batteries Plus is more than just our extensive catalog of batteries, business lighting solutions, and other products. By visiting our stores, Business account members can speak face-to-face with our expertly trained staff. While there, Batteries Plus team members can help you find exactly what you need. As a national franchise, we work with business owners in a wide variety of industries across the country.

National Experience

Working with so many different businesses that each have their own unique power and energy requirements has given the Batteries Plus team plenty of experience to draw from. This allows us to build custom solutions that solve the challenges that many businesses face regularly, but are not always prepared for. This goes beyond simply selling each customer a new battery or lighting product to replace their old solutions. We can help Business accounts extend the usefulness of what they currently have in use to power their business, as well as finding ways to be more energy efficient. We'll also help these businesses dispose of the products they are no longer using through services such as battery recycling. Oftentimes, this leads to increased financial savings for Batteries Plus Business account members and leaves them with one less headache to deal with as they manage their business.

Batteries Plus developed our Business accounts program so business owners can still experience the high-scale service that they have come to expect from a national brand. Having so many locations across the country makes Batteries Plus more efficient in how we deliver and implement the products and services that we provide to each customer. Our national presence also allows us to keep pace with larger businesses that have multiple locations. We've built a strong inventory of quality power solutions that can meet the standards of just about any business or industry, no matter how specific or hard-to-find the products may be. Instead of being stuck on a waiting list for a product that may never be available, Batteries Plus Business account members can expect to receive their orders in an industry-leading timeframe. We'll also take the next step to help you determine which battery solutions are the right fit and ensure that all new products work as they are designed to.

A Local Reliability Other Big Brands Don't Have

After first opening for business several decades ago, Batteries Plus now boasts more than 700 stores currently in operation across the country. Managed by enthusiastic and well-informed franchise owners, these stores are equipped with the quality products, knowledge, and customer service that are expected from a locally owned business.

A great example of the tailored service that a business owner receives with a Batteries Plus Business Account is a dedicated personal account representative. Our representatives will share their expert advice and customized service options to suit the specific needs of each business we partner with. Batteries Plus account representatives remain engaged from order placement to pricing and delivery. This way, Business account members can efficiently receive and implement the power and energy solutions they need to keep their business running at a high level while improving their bottom line.

Batteries Plus Business account members can access the best aspects of partnering with a nationally recognized brand, without the fear of being treated like just another number. The personal service provided by nearby Batteries Plus franchise owners makes all the difference for the businesses that trust us with their battery, lighting, repair, and disposal needs. The products we sell are the highest quality power solutions in the market and our level of customer service is unmatched. With so many reasons to become registered for a Batteries Plus Business account, it's no surprise that we have welcomed more than 250,000 commercial customers into our Batteries Plus stores!

Want to know what else makes Batteries Plus the best destination for you? Visit one of our stores today to see the difference we can make for your business!

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