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Our Top Battery Solutions Are Ideal for the Healthcare Industry

For Professionals - by Bill Petherbridge - updated on 10/26/2023

Nurse using a medical cart to check a patient

Organizations in many different sectors regularly request and utilize top battery solutions  , and healthcare has proven to be no exception. With all of the tools, operations, and other medical services found in a standard healthcare facility, it should come as no surprise that they need reliable energy sources to function at full capacity. As a result, many of these healthcare providers are in search of reliable ways to power the services at their facility and manage their energy usage without letting their standards slip.

Batteries Plus has been supplying battery, lighting, and other vital energy-providing and management products to our customers for many years. Those who sign up for a Batteries Plus Business account can receive support resources to help them with their industry-specific needs. While the types of service and technology differ depending on the organization and industry, our team is experienced in ensuring Batteries Plus Business account members' daily operations are not disrupted. Our team has the top battery solutions that each organization needs to meet the expectations of those to whom they provide service – including healthcare facilities.

Carts on Wheels Need Batteries: Lithium or SLA?

Healthcare services often require a significant amount of energy. In fact, hospitals alone accounted for 5%   of the total energy consumption in the entire country, according to the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration. Healthcare organizations often utilize carts on wheels (COWs) to provide vital medical services in various settings. These carts frequently carry and transport various medical devices, computers, and other equipment necessary for patient care, making easy access to batteries for carts on wheels essential for several reasons:

Mobility and Efficiency

Batteries provide a portable power source that allows healthcare professionals to navigate the COWs easily through the facility. This way, providers can bring critical equipment directly to patients or different departments with limited interruption.

Integrating batteries into medical carts also promotes workflow efficiency by reducing the reliance on electrical outlets for power access. The flexibility provided by the batteries improves efficiency and saves valuable time in healthcare environments where tasks must be completed quickly.

Continuous Power Supply

Batteries act as a backup power source, ensuring devices that require a constant and uninterrupted power supply remain operational. This is particularly valuable in events such as power outages or when carts are not within reach of electrical outlets. This continuous power supply enables healthcare professionals to perform various clinical tasks without disruption.

Emergency Situations

Battery-powered systems enable carts to be quickly deployed to provide medical care in areas where power may be compromised or inaccessible. This ensures that essential devices and equipment continue to function properly during unexpected disasters where resources are stretched thin.

Patient-Centered Care

Battery power enables medical carts to allow workers to remain at the patient's side while accessing information and documenting care in real time. The ability to chart electronically, display diagnostic results, and communicate with other healthcare team members through these mobile workstations is made possible by their use of batteries.

Batteries Plus carries a full selection of general purpose SLA and lithium batteries for carts on wheels. Lithium batteries are lightweight and offer a longer lifespan than traditional batteries, meaning that healthcare providers won't have to check and replace them as frequently. This can mean fewer periods of disruption for the tools and equipment that healthcare facilities rely on.

Those who choose to open a Batteries Plus Business account can rely on our timely delivery process, which gets the needed battery products to the designated locations in an expedited timeline! Business account members who have questions about their energy solutions or how to implement them in their devices can visit their nearest Batteries Plus, where an expert from our team will greet them and offer key insights as needed. Business account members also have access to a dedicated account representative, who can answer your questions without you having to visit a store.

Does your healthcare facility need better battery solutions for your COWs and other equipment? Contact the Batteries Plus team   today to find out how we can help!

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