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We Have Battery Service Solutions for Every Industry

For Professionals - by Elizabeth Seigle - updated on 5/2/2023

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It's always a good time to make sure your hands-free devices are operational and ready to go at a moment's notice. Batteries Plus Business has over 25,000 battery service solutions for commercial customers in any industry, and the experts at our more than 700 locations nationwide are ready to help your business with the personal service we've become known for.

We know what it takes to keep your business up and running. Batteries Plus has commercial alkaline, business fleet, SLA, deep cycle, high-rate, dual purpose, and commercial GEL batteries your business needs.

You can trust Batteries Plus for your business because we take the time to put all our quality products through rigorous safety, performance, and reliability testing. Between our Quality Assurance labs in Hartland, WI, and Shenzhen, China, and Distribution Center testing, you can rest assured that you'll receive only the best items and services we have to offer.

Plus, with our Distribution Center running 24 hours a day, six days a week, we can fulfill your orders as quickly as possible.

Batteries Plus Has Industrial Alkaline Batteries

One of the quality brands we feature is the ProCell Intense line of batteries, which are specially designed for commercial applications – meaning you get the best of both worlds when it comes to cost-effective yet powerful batteries for your business  .

Save your business up to 20% by switching to Procell dual portfolio batteries - Procell Constant Power for low drain devices and Procell Intense Power for high drain devices (estimated savings versus relevant competition). If your business uses medical devices, electronic door locks, security cameras, thermometers, soap dispensers, or any other devices that run on batteries, then you know how quickly time seems to pass between a fully charged battery to a spent one. Batteries Plus Business keeps your professional devices powered, and with prompt order fulfillment, you'll have the batteries you need now, plus replacements on hand for less downtime in the future.

Starting Batteries for Your Business Fleet

If you're looking for batteries to meet the power demands of your heavy-duty machines, car and truck, lawn and garden equipment, or powersport fleet, Batteries Plus has you covered.

Duracell Ultra features a variety of heavy-duty batteries that are designed to meet your power requirements. We can provide you with Duracell Ultra Heavy Duty BCI batteries that offer reliable quality and power all year round.

For your business fleet, Duracell Ultra BCI flooded car batteries are designed to meet or exceed the OEM specifications as a replacement battery for your vehicles. If you're having trouble starting any of your business vehicles, reach out to Batteries Plus, and we can help with free battery testing and installation.

When the snow thaws, and it's time for lawn and garden maintenance around your business, Batteries Plus has the solutions you need. Duracell Ultra features a variety of light-duty batteries designed specifically for lawn, garden, and utility equipment.

Whether your business requires a motorcycle, snowmobile, or ATV, we have replacement powersport solutions and lithium powersport batteries for your vehicle needs. Duracell's AGM design is activated and ready to go right out of the store and is 100% maintenance-free to prevent electrolyte leakage. Our exclusive X2Power lithium powersport batteries are the safest type of lithium batteries on the market.

Find the Best SLA Batteries

There are lots of different devices that your business needs to operate. From UPS backups and emergency lighting to security systems, Batteries Plus carries all the best general-purpose batteries for your business.

Shop High-Rate Batteries for Your Business Needs

The Duracell high-rate batteries are designed specifically for float applications and to be maintenance-free and spill-proof with fire retardant cases and offer a 10-year design life. They are ideal for solar, emergency lighting, UPS unit applications, telecom, emergency backup applications, UPS backups, and data center applications.

Batteries Plus Has Cordless Tool Batteries

Batteries Plus is your source for cordless tool batteries. We have the batteries you need for your drill, drivers, trimmers and more. If you need a custom solution, we can also build battery packs to your specifications (valid at participating locations only).

Batteries Plus Has Deep Cycle Batteries

If your business works with wheelchairs, trolling motors, floor scrubbers, lawn and garden equipment, personnel carriers, aerial lifts, electric vehicles, boats, RVs, road signs, or other devices that require deep cycle batteries, we've got you covered!

Duracell's line of deep cycle batteries is designed to provide more cycles than general-purpose batteries, with a high reserve capacity and superior performance and is specially engineered to be as durable and user-friendly as possible.

Power Your Business with Dual-Purpose (Starting/Cycling) Batteries

As a business owner, your equipment is crucial to your day-to-day operations. Commercial vehicles and electronic equipment need reliable power to start and keep your machines running. Dual-purpose batteries are essentially a starting and deep cycle battery in one. Duracell's dual-purpose batteries are designed to exceed your boat or RV's original factory specifications and needs, while offering significant increases in resilience to battery failure from severe deep discharge. Batteries Plus can help you find the perfect replacement batteries and even recycle your old batteries while we're at it.

Commercial GEL Batteries

To keep your wheelchairs, solar or wind generators, and other commercial devices powered, you need the right battery for the job. Batteries Plus has Duracell GEL batteries to fit all your commercial applications. Gel batteries are extremely durable and vibration resistant. The battery will last far longer than a lead-acid battery for the same amount of use because of its high lifespan.

This season, make sure your business devices and vehicles are operational with Batteries Plus Business battery solutions.

Want to see how Batteries Plus Business can offer you commercial lighting and battery service solutions? Reach out today   to learn more about all the benefits that come with our Business account program!

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