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Need Floor Scrubber Batteries? We’ve Got You Covered

For Professionals - by Elizabeth Seigle - updated on 3/28/2023

Ride on floor scrubber

Batteries Plus serves commercial customers in virtually every industry. With over 25,000 different batteries to choose from, we can help you power all of the equipment you need to keep your business running. From the tiniest coin cells to floor scrubber batteries, we've got you covered!

Our impressive selection of batteries for floor scrubbers spans many different types, sizes, and manufacturers, and with our expertise, you'll know you have the proper battery for your exact specifications. You can rest assured that you're receiving the best products we have to offer, as we put our quality products through several rigorous safety, performance, and reliability tests. Between our personal service and prompt order fulfillment, Batteries Plus is the best option to keep your business running.

We understand your business has unique needs: we're here to provide you with exactly what you're looking for, complete with industry-leading advantages you won't find anywhere else. Let us put our knowledge to work for you with tailored battery solutions to power your business.

Scrubber Battery Solutions

Floor care is an important aspect of any business. You want to ensure your business is clean, safe, and functioning, and portray that to your customers. Having a reliable floor scrubber can make it much easier to remove dirt, clutter, and debris, keeping you, your employees, and your customers safe.

It's a good idea to keep scrubber batteries on hand any time of year, so you know that should a sudden storm or emergency happen, you'll have the resources to stay ahead of the mess. Proper maintenance is crucial with these machines if businesses want to see an optimal return on what can be a significant investment.

If you're unsure how old your scrubber batteries are or how much life remains in them, our experts can evaluate your situation. Batteries Plus features a wide range of batteries to fit any type of scrubber or sweeper you have. We carry multiple voltages, standard batteries that charge quickly, and high amperage versions that hold a charge all day.

Our locations provide the personal, expert service of a local shop, and with over 700 locations, we're bound to have a store near you. We provide free battery testing, so you can see how your current batteries are performing. Should you need a new one, we'll help you find the battery you require with confidence, receive it quickly with our local delivery service or fast shipping options, and easily reorder when you need more.

Battery Specifications for Your Scrubber

Floor scrubbers rely on deep cycle batteries as their power source. Deep cycle batteries, with high amperage capacity, will keep your scrubber or sweeper running longer. When you reach out to Batteries Plus, not only will we help you find the right scrubber battery for your equipment, but we can also teach you proper maintenance and charging techniques so you can get the most out of your battery investment.

Our quality battery options provide durability, user-friendly design, longer life cycles, and easy installation. Some products feature innovations like heavier grids, higher-density oxide plates, and improved glass mat separators to extend life cycles further and provide superior cycle life performance. Plus, if you need assistance with battery installation, we can help with that too!

Top Battery Solutions For Every Industry

Floor scrubbers are fairly universal when it comes to commercial maintenance equipment; after all, most businesses have floors to maintain!

We work with commercial customers in every industry: contractors, educators, facility managers  , fire and security personnel, manufacturers/wholesalers  , municipality employees, property managers  , office staff, healthcare professionals, and more! Over 250,000 Business account members trust us to power their equipment, so no matter which industry you belong to, Batteries Plus has top-notch battery solutions for your floor scrubber.

When you sign up for a free Business account with us, you'll reap the many member benefits in addition to getting the replacement batteries your business needs. Your dedicated personal account representative will work with you to create custom pricing packages and competitive volume pricing to help you stay on budget. With our Business account program, designed to address many of our commercial customers' needs all in one convenient package, you'll enjoy fast, local delivery, free on-site needs assessments, recycling services to remove spent batteries, and more.

As a business, you can count on Batteries Plus to help you save time and money on all your commercial power needs when you join our Business account program. Each of our many locations nationwide provides the personalized and convenient service your business requires. We're your local partner with a national presence.

Want to see how Batteries Plus Business can help your business with floor scrubber batteries? Reach out today   to learn more about all the benefits that come with our Business account program!

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