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The Cost of Labor: To Repair or Replace; That Is the Question

Tech - by David Neubert - updated on 8/29/2014

As smartphones, tablets and other portable electronic devices continue to take over the market, there is a subsequent spike in the demand to repair them. Fixing these devices, rather than replacing them, can save hundreds of dollars in most cases...

Spring – A Time for Something New

Tech - by David Neubert - updated on 4/4/2014

According to the "Diffusion of Innovation" theory, as popularized in a book by Everett Rogers, there are 5 categories of adopters that we all fall into: innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority and laggards. Which one are you?...

Saving Your Cell Phone from April Showers, Summer Heat & More

Tech - by Jessica Carey - updated on 4/26/2013

At some point, you may find that your phone has suffered the effects of the outdoor elements. Don't panic! Here are some tips to salvage your cell phone after it has encountered outdoor damage...