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Top 10 Ice Fishing Essentials

Tech - by Joe Weber - updated on 2/6/2024

Two people walking across ice with fishing gear

It took a little longer than usual but ice fishing time is finally here! If you live in an area where the temperatures drop enough that lakes can freeze, chances are you or someone you know is an ice fisher. See below for our list of the top 10 items you must have for your ice fishing outing.

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Ice fishing has evolved over the years to be a fun outing with friends and family. A time to enjoy the serenity of the frozen lake and conversations with company. The list below is a great start to get your fishing gear together, but what about the fun?

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Top 10 Ice Fishing Essentials

1. Fishing Rod and Reel

Arguably the most important equipment you'll need for an ice fishing trip is a rod and reel. A 28-inch medium power rod with a 4-8 pound line rating in conjunction with a size 20 spinning reel with a 6-pound fluorocarbon line is a simple yet versatile combo that would work for most fishing outings.

2. Five Gallon Bucket

An integral part of your outing is a bucket to put all of those catches in. Five-gallon buckets can be purchased at many home improvement stores for a reasonable price. Buckets make storing your catch and transporting it back home a breeze.

3. Ice Auger and Scoop

While it is possible, no one likes drilling through a foot of ice by hand. Have a 4-5 foot power auger to make cutting through the ice fast and easy. Don't risk exposing your skin to the frigid water temperatures, bring a scoop to get any ice chunks out of the hole.

4. Bait and Tackle

You can't catch fish without bait and tackle. Live bait is always a great choice and your local bait shop can give you the best recommendations for your area. If you want to avoid live bait, there are plenty of Jigs in many varieties that will attract just as many fish.

5. Tip-Ups

If you are more of a sit back, relax and let the fish come to you kind of person, Tip-Ups are an absolute necessity. Tip-Ups are a device that allows you to set a line on a spool attached to a flag that pops up when there is a bite. After you set your line, sit back and wait for the flag to alert you to a bite. Let the line go for a few seconds, grip it tightly, and pull the fish in.

6. Sled

You have to get all of your gear out to your fishing spot, right? A 4-5 foot utility sled will have plenty of room for your gear without you making several trips back to your home or car to carry everything by hand.

7. Good Boots and Spikes

Get a pair of warm, waterproof winter boots. If available, get some with spikes for traction on the ice. If you have a nice warm pair already without spikes, no worries. YakTrax   is a leader in add-on traction for boots and shoes. Pick up a pair and add them to your winter boots for added safety on the ice.

8. Warm Clothing

This seems obvious but is absolutely necessary to avoid frostbite or worse, hypothermia. Make sure you wear and bring with you on your trip warm socks, snow pants, long underwear, heavy jackets, hats and gloves. Water resistant is a great idea too if it's snowing or water splashes on you.

9. Safety Equipment

Retractable ice picks are an essential safety tool to have with you if you fall through the ice. You wear them around your shoulders and will aid you in climbing out of the water and back onto the ice if you fall through. It is also important to always have a first aid kit with you for cuts and scrapes.

10. Seat Heaters and Hand Warmers

Keep warm with the latest rechargeable heat seat cushions, hand warmers and more from THAW sold at Batteries Plus. Reusable and rechargeable with multiple heat settings that provide hours of heat and a built-in power bank to charge your electronics while you're out on the ice.

Stop by your local Batteries Plus to see all of the other gear you can use for your ice-fishing adventures from flashlights and headlamps to batteries. We have the gear you need to get you ready for your ice fishing outings.

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