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Is It Worth Upgrading to a 5G Phone?

Tech - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 4/19/2022

Top corner of a phone with 5G

These days, everyone is buzzing about new 5G networks. As the fifth generation of mobile networks, 5G brings with it a slew of improvements, including a higher traffic capacity, greater network efficiency and faster data speeds. With all of the hype surrounding 5G, you might be wondering if it's actually worth shelling out the extra cash to get a 5G phone.

What is the Downside of 5G?

While 5G networks have the capacity to deliver a better online experience, they currently have a number of drawbacks. For starters, in most parts of the country, 5G service isn't that fast yet. High band 5G offers the real benefits, but that's only available in select areas in a limited number of cities. Most carriers right now are offering a mix of high and low band 5G that varies in speed and coverage. In many cases, low band 5G isn't that much faster than 4G. For some wireless carriers, their 5G signals currently don't even reach indoors yet.

To be clear, 5G coverage is going to get much better going forward, providing all the improvements that we've been promised, but right now, it's just not there yet. So, why spend all that money upgrading to a service you can't really take full advantage of?

Why is 5G So Expensive?

Taking advantage of 5G comes at a significant cost. Not only do you have to upgrade to a 5G compatible phone, you'll have to switch to a more expensive phone plan too. Wireless providers have poured billions of dollars into creating their 5G networks and that cost is reflected in these new phones and data plans. That might be worth it to you if you were getting the full array of 5G benefits, but with all of the drawbacks discussed above, it's probably not worth the investment at this point.

Repairing Your Current Phone will Extend Its Life

It's going to be awhile before 5G is really worth it for the average consumer. In the meantime, why not save money by holding onto your current phone? If you're experiencing issues with your current model, a simple repair can often extend its life significantly at a fraction of the cost of a new phone.

This is particularly true of your phone's battery. Many people wrongfully attribute certain performance issues to the phone itself, when, in reality, it's often due to a dying battery. A cell phone will typically only last between one and three years. After that, it can lead to a slower performance and even sudden crashes. Replacing the battery is a cost-effective way to solve these issues without having to invest in a completely new phone.

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