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How to Quickly Cool Down Your Phone

Tech - by Rachael Maloney - updated on 8/1/2018

Women's phone over heating

It's happened to us all. You are swiping through social media, playing your favorite game or snapping selfies on a hot summer day, when suddenly you notice your phone getting increasingly warmer. Phones can overheat for many different reasons which over time could degrade the battery, force shutdowns, or even harm the Central Processing Unit. When your phone becomes warmer than average, you should cool it down as quickly as possible.

Tips to Cool Down Your Phone

Place in the Shade

A common reason for overheating is that it was in direct sunlight for too long. Keep your phone in a cool, shady area.

Turn It Off

Shutting your phone off is one of the fastest ways to get the temperature back to normal.

Close Your Apps

Often, phones get warmer simply because you are pushing the hardware to its limits. Close your apps down, at least until your phone gets down to a reasonable temperature. Then you can return to your snaps, scrolling or gaming.

Take Off the Case

Your phone case can trap in the heat of your phone. Removing it will allow for better airflow and increased functionality of your phone's effort to regulate temperature.

Place it Next to a Fan

If you have the option, place your phone next to a fan. If you aren't near a fan, manually fan your phone by waving it in your hand or blow on the back. The breeze created will help bring the temperature of your phone down.

How to Prevent Your Phone From Overheating

Remember, it's normal for phones to get a little warm to the touch, especially when charging it or using it for prolonged periods. Frequent overheating is not normal; thankfully, in many cases it is preventable. Here are a few tips to keep your phone cool.

  • Do not use it while it's charging
  • Turn off apps you're not using
  • Place your phone on airplane mode when you only need basic functionality
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Turn your screen brightness down
  • Keep your apps and operating system up-to-date

If you have taken preventative steps and your phone continues to overheat, or if it becomes uncomfortably hot, bring it to an expert for diagnostics or consider reaching out to your phone provider for advice or a replacement.

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