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Great Gift Ideas for Boaters

Tech - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 5/3/2022

Boat on the water going away from the setting sun

Are you looking for a unique gift idea for the boating enthusiast in your life? Batteries Plus has plenty of boating-related gifts perfect for birthdays, Mother's Day or Father's Day. Whether they're into fishing, water skiing or just love spending time out on the open water, you're sure to find something that will bring a smile to their face.

1. X2Power Batteries for Boating

Admittedly, this isn't the most romantic of gifts, but for boaters who use a lot of onboard tech, the right battery is essential. Our proprietary brand X2Power functions as both a starting and deep cycle battery in one. It has the CCAs you need to reliably start your engine with the additional power needed to run gadgets like fish finders, GPS, trolling motors and radios. They also recharge faster than other AGM batteries and are 28 times more resistant to vibration, making them ideal for a day on the water.

2. Boat Battery Chargers

A reliable charger is essential for keeping your battery powered up and ready to run. We have a number of fantastic battery chargers from brands like X2Power, NOCO and more. You can also find additional information in our article entitled "How to Find the Right Battery Charger for Your Boat."

3. Bluetooth Speakers for Your Boat

A Bluetooth speaker lets you enjoy your favorite tunes when you're out on the water. Batteries Plus has a number of speakers from JBL, including the Go2, the Clip 3 and Flip 5. All of them are waterproof and provide hours of playtime.

4. Power Banks

A day on the water will drain your phone's battery pretty fast, which is why it's a good idea to have a source of backup power available. A power bank is a lightweight, portable charging solution, perfect for boat users.

5. Flashlights & Headlamps

If you're taking the boat out at night, you're going to want to have a reliable flashlight onboard. Batteries Plus has a number of top-quality flashlights, headlamps and LED lanterns that make great gifts.

6. Gear Ties

Gear ties are perfect for securing fishing rods, ropes and water skis. They feature a tough wire interior coated in a rubber, UV-resistant, waterproof shell. Best of all, they can be reused over and over again.

7. Multi Tools

Every serious boater should have a multi tool on hand for cutting, opening bottles and performing light maintenance tasks.

Shop Batteries Plus for Your Boating Essentials

In addition to the products mentioned above, we also offer free battery testing. If you're concerned about the performance of a starting, deep cycle or dual purpose battery, just bring it to your nearest store and the associates will be happy to help. If you need to replace an old battery, we have plenty of boat battery options available. Our blog also contains plenty of useful boating information like "How to Maintain Your Boat or RV Battery Over the Winter."

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