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Boating Essentials: Top 10 Things you Need on a Boat

Tech - by Joe Weber - updated on 8/17/2022

Driving a boat

Being prepared for a day out on the water is not just about having your water toys ready to go. There are several things that all boat operators should have on their boat before heading out. Read on for the 10 things that every boat owner should have on their boat for a day out on the water.

  1. Cameras

    You don't want to miss those great moments when you are having fun on the water. Bring a camera to document your fun adventures or that epic catch to tell your friends. Not only is a camera good for capturing memories, but it is also ideal to document any incidents that may happen to your boat when out on the water.

  2. Cell Phone

    You never leave home without it. Don't leave the car without it either. Bring your cellphone with you on the boat in case of emergencies.

  3. Safety Equipment

    Every state has laws around life jackets. Make sure you know the laws in your state to stay safe and avoid fines. As a general rule, every person onboard should have a life jacket. Small children, under 13 years old, should wear a life jacket whenever the boat is in motion.

    Other important safety equipment to have on board are throwable floatation devices, fire extinguishers and visual and audio signaling devices.

  4. Portable Power

    Have a portable power station or a portable power brick to make sure that everyone's devices are charged the whole day. Goal Zero's Sherpa 100AC Power Bank is a great option to take with you. Packed with 25,600mAh it is strong enough to charge multiple devices, multiple times. Pair it with a lightweight and portable solar panel to charge up the power bank while you are out enjoying the day.

  5. Cords for electronics

    Make sure you have cords to charge phones, cameras and other devices while out on the boat.

  6. Food and drink for the day

    Being out in the sun and heat for a long period of time can be dangerous if you don't hydrate. Have plenty of beverages and snacks to stay fed and hydrated so you can enjoy the day.

  7. Emergency repair items

    Most people don't want to bring an entire toolbox with them when they go out boating, but a small chest with some emergency items is a good idea to bring along.

    Items that you should have handy in case of emergencies:

    • Duct tape
    • Electrical Tape
    • Screwdrivers
    • Adjustable wrench
    • Portable jump pack in case of a dead battery
    • Flashlights
  8. Proper documentation

    In most states, there are laws requiring that you carry proper documentation for your boat and yourself. Check your specific state's requirements but most will require you to have in your possession the boat's registration, boater education card, and ID or driver's license.

  9. Waterproof bags

    No one wants to replace expensive electronics due to water damage. Waterproof dry bags are available in many shapes and sizes to fit your needs. Save money by protecting your gear from water damage.

  10. GPS locator

    Although rare, emergencies happen. If you are stranded out on a large body of water, say a great lake or the ocean, you will want to have a personal locator beacon so the authorities can easily find you and get you back to safety.

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