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How Batteries Plus is Addressing Global Marketplace Challenges

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 6/9/2021

Duracell batteries on a shelf

In the wake of COVID, the global marketplace is facing a number of supply chain and logistic challenges. In light of all that's going on, we here at Batteries Plus wanted to take the time to clarify the situation and assure you that we are doing everything possible to continue supplying you with the power and lighting solutions you rely on.

What's Going On?

COVID has impacted the international economy in a number of significant ways. There are global shortages of commodities and raw materials such as plastics, computer chips, lead, nickel and others. Retailers are also facing global transportation issues, leading to increased freight costs and long shipping delays.

What We're Doing To Solve These Issues

Here's the good news. Our experts have been anticipating this situation for some time and have been active in getting out in front of it. Batteries Plus has been able to leverage our size to increase product in our supply chain; we have increased production and are utilizing our shipping and logistical expertise to get the product in our warehouse as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our end goal is to ensure we have a ready supply of batteries and lighting essentials for our customers through the rest of the year.

At the store level, Batteries Plus has secured additional storage space to ensure that our products are readily available for our stores. Our experts are looking into alternate transportation means to get products out to our customers and are advising our store owners on inventory management strategies to help them keep up with demand.

The bottom line is, you have nothing to fear. We have the inventory we need to continue supplying your business with the crucial batteries, lighting and other essentials you need to continue operating. If you've never worked with us before, now is the right time to partner with us by signing up for a free business account. Sign up today   and take advantage of everything Batteries Plus can do for your business.

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