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Power Tool Time! Outdoor Cleanup and Maintenance

For Professionals - by Mary Williams - updated on 4/1/2019

Man taking care of a lawn on a large lawnmower

Let the springtime spruce-up begin! It’s time to dust off the mowers, blowers and washers, sprayers, trimmers and chainsaws. Take a walk around the grounds and check the landscape light bulbs. Make sure all of the machinery and lighting that you rely on is up, running and ready for the spring season. Where to begin? Let’s start at the bottom.

Lawn & Soil Maintenance

Tillers and cultivators rotate the soil, edgers create clean lines, mowers make the lawn beautifully uniform, and blowers help get rid of the debris. Before spring springs forth, make sure each tool is clean, powered up - new batteries are conveniently found here - and given the right kind of gasoline, when appropriate. The perfect lawn is maintained with a reliable mower, and a powerful battery will ensure that your mower is ready to go when you are. Should you find you need a new battery, Batteries Plus Bulbs can help. And don’t forget to bring in your old battery for recycling when you stop by.

Tree Maintenance

Trimming trees and cutting branches are perfect springtime tasks. Checking for winter die-off and overlapping limbs is easiest when the leaves haven’t yet arrived. And this year, why not consider a battery-powered chainsaw? They’re quieter, tend to be lighter weight and easier to maneuver, and start with the flip of a switch. Our wide selection of cordless tool batteries can be found here.

Landscape Lighting

If the properties you tend are in a northern climate, you may have some landscape lighting to change once the snow cover is gone. If you’re lucky enough to have avoided snow and subzero temperatures, the arrival of spring is still a great cue to take a walk around and switch out any bulbs or solar batteries that may have gone dark. Then, get in touch with your business-to-business rep at Batteries Plus Bulbs and put in an order for exactly what you need to make your building bright and beautiful. Or, take a look at our bulb selection for yourself.

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