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Batteries Plus Supports Businesses Both Large and Small

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 11/1/2022

Batteries Plus Ascent Supply Distribution Center

Are you looking for a partner with a national presence that can help reduce costs, increase your spend influence and improve procurement agility across your enterprise? Batteries Plus is that partner. Not only do we offer access to tens of thousands of power and lighting solutions, we also have our own in-house Distribution Center and quality assurance operations. Learn more about how teaming up with Batteries Plus can help benefit your business.

Batteries Plus Has a Deep Assortment of Products

The size of our stores can be deceptive. While our brick and mortar locations are relatively compact, our full catalog of products includes over 60,000 speciality batteries for an enormous range of industrial applications. Whether you require SLI, SLA, lithium or even custom-built NiCad battery packs, you'll find them all at Batteries Plus.

Additionally, we carry more than 40,000 unique lighting solutions, including LED bulbs, fixtures and ballasts. If you require assistance in converting your facility to more energy-efficient lighting, we can help walk you through the retrofitting process. Our experts will even help maximize your savings by making you aware of potential utility incentives.

Batteries Plus Has Its Own In-House Distribution Center

Our Distribution Center is a 125,000 sq. ft. facility located in Glendale, WI. This division of the company handles all aspects of supply, including sourcing, procurement, logistics, demand planning and product fulfillment to our stores.

Our supply chain operation runs 24 hours a day, 6 days a week with $36 million in rolling inventory. This allows us to fill orders quickly and efficiently. An average delivery can be delivered anywhere in the country in as little as a few days. Additionally, the size of our enterprise enables us to fulfill or locate difficult-to-obtain specialty batteries or bulbs.

Batteries Plus Has Two Quality Assurance Teams

At Batteries Plus, we work very hard to ensure that the products you receive meet the highest quality standards. We have two Quality Assurance teams located in Shenzhen, China and Hartland, WI. Our Shenzhen team investigates our international suppliers. These audits evaluate everything from their quality systems to their manufacturing capabilities, social accountability standards and more.

Meanwhile, our team in Hartland oversees the quality testing of our products. These experts put batteries and light bulbs through rigid standard tests designed to gauge each product's standards of performance, safety and reliability. Due to this important work, you can be confident that the products you receive from Batteries Plus will adhere to all safety and performance standards.

Batteries Plus Offers Customizable Billing and Ordering

Our enormous inventory provides the convenience of consolidating all of your ordering through a single vendor. Plus, with over 700 Batteries Plus locations nationwide, there's always someone nearby to assist with local destinations.

Here's what Madison Giles, the Inventory and Purchasing Coordinator of Hampden Sydney College had to say, "We stopped using local vendors because they were too expensive and didn't have great customer service. After looking at the overall spend, we chose to just buy from Batteries Plus due to their fast, friendly customer service and huge savings with the E&I."

When you partner with Batteries Plus, we also tailor your billing and ordering to fit your business. Whether you run your company through one main point of contact or multiple regional points of contact, our national account team will accommodate your needs. We offer custom billing and invoicing options, as well as a single point of contact for account management.

Batteries Plus Offers Expert Advice

Batteries Plus does much more than just supply you with products; we take an active role in directing you to the best possible solution for your needs. When you partner with us, you'll receive access to your own dedicated advisor, who will help answer your questions and point you towards more efficient energy and lighting solutions. Batteries Plus also offers free on-site studies. A member of our team will tour your facility to gain a better understanding of your business' unique needs, then suggest ways you can save money by using energy more efficiently.

Recycling Your Old Batteries & Bulbs at Batteries Plus

Batteries Plus offers recycling services for a wide array of batteries and light bulbs. This is one of the many perks your company will enjoy when you sign up for a free business account. As a recycling partner, we have many advantages over the competition. We have a much larger presence than most recycling companies and offer the convenience of night and weekend hours. Plus, we can customize your transportation options to fit your specific needs.

Batteries Plus Means Business

At Batteries Plus, we cater to companies of all sizes, from single location facilities to large corporations with a huge national presence. If you're interested in unlocking everything Batteries Plus can do for your business, sign up today for a free national account  . Or, if you operate a smaller business, learn more about our free business account  .

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