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One Stop Shop For Manufacturers

For Professionals - by Nikki Felton - updated on 11/29/2023

Distribution center employee pushing a motorized pallet jack

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, manufacturing has brought growth to cities and societies in the US. The growth in innovation we've seen since then is a result of the mass production of materials. As of 2022, the US manufacturing industry accounted for roughly 10% of the nation's GDP. As a major sector in the nation's income, there are many ways to service this industry, as it too needs the procurement of materials for the products its manufacturers produce. Here are some of the ways that Batteries Plus interacts with the manufacturing industry and how we can be the right partner for OEMs here in the US.

Facility Maintenance

Every manufacturing facility requires maintenance, from powering applications, to the lights inside warehouses. Batteries Plus provides facilities with the batteries to power their applications like forklifts, scrubber and sweepers, and fleet vehicles, as well as the lighting within the warehouse and all exit and emergency lighting/backups. We also provide batteries for the generators that keep the buildings running even in power outages - keeping operations running smoothly at all times.

The Perfect Partner For OEMs

Whether you're a manufacturer of lawnmowers, fire trucks, wheelchairs, generators, or another producer within this sector, Batteries Plus has the experience of working with partners to supply the specific batteries that fit the manufacturer's customers' needs. In many cases, products have been designed to house a specific battery that we provide. As a provider, we ensure quality control that cannot be matched by major outsourcing to foreign countries. We also are nimble and have a plethora of battery offerings to fit your specific application and the end users' needs, saving time and money from procuring multiple batteries from multiple partners. With over 700 locations in the US, Batteries Plus can help manage your inventory and decrease lead times. This large breadth of reach and distribution allows us to be a one-stop shop for manufacturers, as well as provide assistance to the end user at any of our hundreds of locations. A local store employee can help end users with service or replacement batteries, and local sales representatives can help the manufacturer themselves with procurement and specialty pricing. Plus, by working with Batteries Plus, we decrease your overhead costs by being local in the US and avoiding the overseas shipping timeline, and product costs.

The Difference

What sets Batteries Plus apart from the competition is "our ability to provide a reliable representative that has the knowledge and expertise to ensure you're using the right battery and type of lighting for the application" - AJ Looker, Commercial Sales Manager. It all comes down to providing the right solution and package for the customer. Regardless of your overall need, Batteries Plus can provide a solution that works for your business and facility. From the end product that needs a battery to the facility lights and backup battery systems, we have you covered.

If you'd like to talk to a local rep about how Batteries Plus can partner with your business, please reach out to us today  .

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