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Why Your Business Should Upgrade to LED Exterior Lighting

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 2/24/2023

Outdoor parking lot

While it's becoming increasingly common for businesses to upgrade their interior lighting, many companies don't prioritize parking lot lighting like they should. LED lights look better than other exterior lighting options, provide greater safety and cost significantly less to maintain and operate. If you're interested in cutting your costs, Batteries Plus can help. Not only do we have over 15,000 unique lighting solutions available through our Distribution Center, we can also help you take advantage of any utility incentives that are available in your area.

Which Lighting is Best for Parking Lots?

LED lights are brighter than most traditional exterior lamps. A brighter light means a safer parking lot for employees, students and customers walking out to their cars. Better lighting also helps decrease liability and lawsuit exposure by deterring criminal activity and doing a better job of illuminating potential hazards.

What is Color Rendering Index in Lighting?

Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures how colors look under an artificial light source compared to how they appear under sunlight. Traditional lighting such as high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps have poor color rendering. This means that colors will appear distorted, making store fronts and facilities appear less inviting.

What is the Color Rendering of LED Lamps?

LED lamps have an average CRI measurement of around 85%. This means that any colors on your facility's exterior will appear naturally, without any distortions. This is especially important for companies with precise brand colors. These specific shades are an important part of your brand identity and it's important to present them properly to your clients and customers.

LED Lights Provide Additional Safety Benefits

Good Color Rendering goes beyond simple aesthetics and is also an important part of worker and customer safety. If a robbery or other emergency occurs in your parking lot, it's vitally important to provide an accurate description of a suspect's vehicle and clothing. Lighting with a poor CRI distorts colors, making security cameras and witness testimony less effective.

Do You Save Electricity with LED Lights?

LED lighting uses roughly 67% less energy than metal halide or high pressure sodium lighting. This helps cut your utility expenses. Since LEDs don't require long warm up times before they turn on, they can also be tied to motion and daylight sensors that decrease their light output, depending on the amount of daylight or the amount of motion in the parking lot. This helps to cut your costs even more.

Do You Save on Maintenance Costs with LED Lights?

LED lights last roughly two to four times longer than a metal halide option. This means that you get a much greater ROI with LED than you do with an older lighting solution. You'll also see increased savings when it comes time to maintain or replace them. For metal halide lamps, the cost of replacing just the bulb and ballast alone often costs as much as an entire new LED fixture and that's without factoring in the significant cost of labor.

Why You Should Partner with Batteries Plus

When you partner with Batteries Plus, you'll have access to industry experts who can help assist you with the process of upgrading your lighting. This includes everything from finding the ideal LED solutions, to creating lighting layouts for your facility's lot. In addition, our local sales reps can help keep you apprised of any utility incentives that you're eligible for.

Batteries Plus Offers Free Business Accounts

Why not sign up for one of our free business accounts  ? Once you do, you'll unlock a variety of additional perks, including competitive volume pricing, recycling services and free on-site needs assessments. Does your business have a national presence? Our National Accounts   team offers solutions for companies with dozens or even hundreds of locations.

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