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What are the Top Emergency Items for Your Municipality Needs?

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 9/15/2022

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September is National Preparedness Month, which makes now an ideal time to take stock of your emergency supplies and begin planning for the next fiscal year. In many cases, emergency equipment is only as good as the batteries that power it, particularly when it comes to tools used by first responders and other emergency professionals. Batteries Plus has the batteries, flashlights and emergency lighting essentials you need to keep first responders equipped with everything they need to keep your citizens safe. Here's a small preview of what we have to offer.

Alkaline Batteries for Your Business Needs

Alkaline batteries are used to power a number of critical emergency applications ranging from 2-way radios to flashlights. At Batteries Plus, we offer multiple performance levels of alkaline and PRCOM alkaline batteries and will guide you to the best solution for each specific application. By partnering with us, you can also consolidate your department purchasing under one vendor, giving you greater visibility of your overall spending.

Flashlights & Headlamps are Essential for Your Municipality

Flashlights are essential tools for police officers and EMTs operating in the field. Batteries Plus can provide you with an enormous selection of flashlight styles ranging from penlights and hands-free headlamps to impact-resistant tactical models.

Lithium Coin Cell Batteries

Lithium coin cell batteries can last up to 6X longer than equivalent alkaline batteries. Because of their exceptionally long lifespans, lithium batteries provide a greater ROI in a variety of municipal applications. They're frequently used in police tactical scopes, O2 monitoring equipment for fire departments and everyday applications like garage door openers.

SLA Batteries

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries are used to power hundreds of different applications. At Batteries Plus we can provide you with the best SLA solution for a diverse array of needs. We offer standard SLA batteries for emergency lighting, deep cycle SLA options for tornado sirens, as well as High Rate SLA solutions for server banks, UPS units and telecom applications. Best of all, our business experts will help recommend the best possible SLA option for your specific needs, so you can help get the best ROI on your spending.

Save Time and Money with Batteries Plus

This is just a small fraction of what Batteries Plus has to offer your municipality. We can also provide you with key fobs and auto batteries for municipal vehicles, generators and UPS units, as well as a wide selection of lighting solutions.

Our business customers receive volume and government discount pricing. You'll also receive access to your own dedicated advisor who can help you save even more by recommending the most efficient products for your needs. If you'd like to take advantage of everything Batteries Plus has to offer, sign up now for one of our free business accounts  . You'll be glad you did.

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