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Batteries Plus Offers Total Power and Lighting Solutions

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 2/16/2021

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You're probably already aware that Batteries Plus provides power and lighting products to a wide range of industries throughout the country. What you might not know is just how much we can do to benefit your business. By partnering with us, you'll receive complete power and lighting solutions, as well as additional services, recommended by industry experts.

Save Your Business Money with On-Site Assessments

Our service begins with a free on-site assessment. A member of our team will tour your facility, school, hospital, warehouse or office building (either virtually or in-person) to fully assess your energy and lighting needs. They'll check everything from the types of bulbs used throughout your facility to the batteries used to power equipment, vehicles, backup systems, tools, industrial cleaning equipment and more.

Afterwards, our team will analyze your needs and put together a proposal designed to help you use power and lighting more effectively. Often times we can come up with alternate solutions that will save your business both money and time. Plus, we can assist you with any updates your facility requires.

Are you looking to make your facility safer by adding touchless faucets, soap and paper towel dispensers? We can provide you with the batteries to help you go touch-free. What about lighting? Do you find that you are constantly replacing bulbs? Our experts can recommend longer-lasting bulbs better suited to your facility's needs or walk you through the process of upgrading your facility's lighting.

Get the Best Solution Possible From Your Dedicated Advisor

As a business client, you'll also have access to your own dedicated advisor who is there to answer all of your questions, both now and in the future. These representatives are industry experts who go far beyond simply filling orders. Not only will they help you find the product you want, they'll find out what you are using it for and possibly suggest something that's a better fit.

Our representatives are well-versed in both the products they sell and their industry applications. Oftentimes, they can provide you with a solution you might not have even thought of. Plus, we can handle special needs such as training your team on how to maintain battery systems or helping you select the best exterior lighting to help keep your employees safe.

Top-Quality Products In Stock and Shipped Out on Time

Our company is partnered with the very best vendors, so we'll always have an ample supply of the batteries, lighting and accessories you rely on in stock. We also have our own in-house supply chain operation, which allows us to ship your orders quickly and accurately, with no middleman to slow things up.

In addition, our Quality Assurance team works behind the scenes to ensure the products you receive are of the highest possible quality. That includes vetting all product suppliers through vendor factory audits and performing rigorous quality checks at our testing facility.

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