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How Can I Make My Samsung Galaxy Battery Last Longer?

Power - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 3/9/2021

Samsung Galaxy Phone

These days we rely on our phones more than ever, which makes it a real bummer when your battery runs out. When that happens, you may find yourself wondering, “Why is my Samsung battery draining so fast?” If your Galaxy device is struggling to make it through the day, here are some practical ways you can cut down on your energy usage.

1. Adjust Your Galaxy Display Settings

Long screen time-out settings can significantly reduce your battery. By adjusting your settings to turn off sooner, you can help cut down on the amount of power that you’re using. To change this, go to Settings, then Display. Touch Sleep and reduce the amount of idle time before your phone goes to sleep.

2. Lower the Brightness Setting on Your Device

The brightness setting on your device is something you probably don’t think about very often, but it can have a real impact on how long your battery holds a charge. Reduce the brightness by pulling down the Notifications menu and using the slider to select a lower setting.

3. Turn on Power Saving Mode

Power Saving Mode will differ slightly between different devices. In general though, Power Saving Mode will close all unnecessary screens and apps to help cut down on needless power usage.

In addition, some recent Galaxy phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10, feature an Intelligent Performance Management system, which monitors the performance of your device and provides you with suggestions to help optimize its performance. Some of these optimizations include restarting the device more often, shutting down apps that are running in the background and deleting unnecessary cached, residual and advertisement files. You can perform these actions yourself or choose to let your phone perform them for you automatically.

4. Check Your Device’s Sync Settings

Frequently syncing your phone drains your battery much faster. Check the sync settings on your apps or email to make sure they only sync as often as you need them to.

5. Turn Off Your Mobile Data Usage

Using mobile data in areas with a low signal uses a lot of battery power. If your battery is running low and you don’t need your mobile data, switch it off.

6. Update Your Galaxy Device to the Latest Firmware

Is your device currently running with the most recent software? If not, be sure to update it as soon as possible to help it run more efficiently.

7. Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS on Your Device

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS all regularly check for a signal, which uses battery power. If you aren’t using these applications, turn them off.

8. Close Apps When You’re Done Using Them

It’s easy to mistakenly leave apps running in the background, but this wastes battery power, especially in the case of GPS enabled apps. If you want to keep them from draining your battery, close them after you’re finished using them.

9. Minimize Your Phone’s Exposure to Hot and Cold

Extreme heat can cause your phone to overheat, while cold can lead to unexpected shutdowns. Try to avoid using your device in extreme temperatures. There are also a number of ways to cool down a phone that’s overheating and keep your device from dying in the cold.

10. Check Your Galaxy Charger

If you’re having issues with your battery’s performance, check the amperage of your charger. Does it match the amperage of your device? If not, you’ll want to pick up a charger that’s more compatible with your model phone or tablet.

Additionally, the way you charge a device can have a serious impact on its battery life. Be sure to avoid letting your battery run all the way down as this can harm it. Ideally, you should never let your battery discharge below 20%.

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