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How to Prevent Lithium Batteries from Dying in Winter

Power - by Joe Weber - updated on 12/8/2022

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Lithium batteries are used everywhere. From cordless tools to security lights and everything in between. It is a known fact that extreme cold weather is bad for lithium batteries but is there a way to make your lithium batteries last longer in the cold winter months? Read on to find out what you can do to help keep your lithium batteries healthy during the winter.

Why Do Lithium Batteries Perform Poorly in the Cold?

Just as extreme heat can affect a battery's performance, extreme cold can do the same. Using them in sub-freezing temperatures can result in poor power output and weakened or inability to charge.

If you would like to dig deeper and learn more about how the cold affects lithium deep cycle and powersport batteries read our blog "How Do Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries Perform in Cold Weather?".

What Can I Do if I Need to Use Lithium Batteries in the Winter?

Don't fret, there are some things that you can do to help keep your lithium batteries healthy if you do need to use them in the winter. The most important thing to remember is that batteries need to be kept warm in the cold in order to work effectively.

Cordless Tool Batteries

  1. Use them
    Batteries generate heat when they are in use. If the battery is warm enough to accept a charge, pop it in your tool and use it for just a second. Even a small amount of use will generate some heat within the battery.
  2. Keep them in your pockets
    If you are working outside in the cold, take the battery out of the tool and keep the batteries in your jacket or pants pockets to have your body heat assist with keeping the batteries a little warmer while outside.
  3. Don't store them in a vehicle
    Do not leave your batteries in a vehicle overnight, especially in the cold. Invest in a storage tote or heavy bag that you can store your batteries in at the end of the day to bring in with you at night.
  4. Use hand warmers
    They're not just good for keeping your hands and feet warm. Inexpensive, single-use hand warmers are also a great tool to help keep your batteries and tools warm in their toolbox. Just pop one in into your bag and it will help keep batteries warmer.

Deep Cycle & Powersport

  1. Use a battery blanket
    Battery blankets provide ambient heat to your battery when plugged in. If you are outside and have access to an electrical outlet a battery blanket is a great option to keep the battery and the surrounding area warm.
  2. Keep it in a case out of the elements
    If you are out on a boat or using your lithium battery to power your electronics while ice fishing you should keep your battery in a battery box to keep it out of the wind and help it stay warmer.
  3. Charge in up before you head out
    Charging your battery generates heat. Charging it up before you need to use it outdoors in the cold will help the battery by starting at a higher temperature. Starting at a higher temperature will slow down the decrease in temperature as you are out in the cold.

Lithium Batteries at Batteries Plus

If you rely on lithium batteries for your work or play and are starting to worry that they may need to be replaced, stop into your local Batteries Plus store to have our in-store experts test your batteries to see if they are still ok. If it's time for a new one take a look at our selection of cordless tool and lithium deep cycle batteries.

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