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Get Prepared for the Stormy Season Ahead

Get Prepared for the Stormy Season Ahead

Power - by Angela Christopherson - updated on 4/16/2018

Be Prepared!

Hi, I'm Chris from Batteries Plus Bulbs and today I'm going to help you prepare for storm-related power outages.

First, you need water resistant industrial-grade flashlights. For longer periods without power, a lantern style light is even more convenient. A headlamp, which allows you to move around and do hands-free tasks can be useful and stylish!

You'll also want a battery-powered radio, a portable backup charger for your mobile devices, and maybe even a power inverter which can turn your car into a power source for everything from a cell phone to a small refrigerator and of course you you'll want an adequate supply of bottled water, nonperishable food and candles. And don't forget the first aid kit!

For more storm preparedness tips visit This has been Chris for Batteries Plus Bulb until next time, stay safe!

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