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What Accessories Do You Need for a Portable Generator?

Power - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 5/11/2021

Generator power cord

A generator is a great tool to have on hand for emergencies, as well as camping trips, tailgating parties, DIY projects and more. Batteries Plus offers a number of accessories to help you get the most out of your investment. Here are our top selling accessories to help boost your generator’s power, make it more mobile and protect it from the elements.

How Do I Increase the Power of My Generator?

A parallel kit is a convenient way to connect two inverter generators together to double your power output without taking up a large amount of additional space. The parallel kit seamlessly integrates the two generators using a simple, clip-on connection. You don’t even need additional tools!

Batteries Plus offers a number of parallel kits from Champion, including a 50-amp ParaLINK Kit and a 30-amp kit perfect for a variety of activities. Please note, these kits only work with Champion inverter generators, although they can be used to connect generators with different wattages and model numbers. Champion’s Parallel Kit Selector   is a great resource to help you find which kits are compatible with your model generator.

What is the Right Extension Cord for My Generator?

Allowing for proper ventilation is key when using a generator. Always keep at least 20 feet of space between the generator and your home, garage or any other enclosed area with the exhaust directed away. To do this, you’ll want to have a quality extension cord on hand with enough outlets for everything you plan on running off the generator. You’ll also want to be sure that the cord is rated for the proper voltage that you’re using.

Our selection of Champion cords are sturdy and weather-resistant. Options include a 25ft. cord with four circuit breaker protected 20-amp household outlets, a 30-amp cord designed to connect to the manual transfer switch on your home and several other extension cord options.

How Can I Make My Generator Easier to Move?

One thing about generators, the more powerful they are, the heavier they tend to be. The Champion Generator Wheel Kit is a great way to help make your generator more mobile. The kit is designed for any Champion 2800-4750W generator and can be installed in minutes using only a 12mm wrench or adjustable wrench and socket wrench with a 12mm socket. The kit itself includes two 8-inch never-flat tires, a support leg with rubber vibration mounts and a handle that can be folded away for easy storage.

How Can I Protect My Generator?

Protect your generator from UV damage, rain, snow, tree sap and other debris with a high-quality cover. Champion’s line of generator covers features a tough, vinyl exterior with an elastic base that provides a secure, custom-like fit that will help keep your generator safe, clean and dry. The cover’s interior is lined with cotton to prevent scuff marks and scratches. Batteries Plus carries one size, designed for 3000-10,000W generator models.

Looking for even more protection? Champion’s Storm Shield Portable Generator Covers are designed to withstand winds of up to 70 mph, snow loads of up to 18 in. and rain of up to 12 in. per day. The cover installs in three easy steps with no tools required! The self-attaching design allows your generator to maintain its natural cooling airflow, so there’s no need to remove it.

It even has a large refueling door that allows you to refuel your generator while the cover is still attached. Batteries Plus carries one size, designed for 3000-10,000W generator models.

Visit Batteries Plus for Your Portable Power Needs

Batteries Plus has everything you need to keep your generator powered up and protected. Interested in purchasing a home generator? Learn more about how to find the best generator for your needs or get our suggestions for must-have items you need in your storm prep kit.

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