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What Are Industrial Batteries and What Are They Used For?

Power - by Joe Weber - updated on 1/4/2023

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Walking down the battery aisle at your local store can be quite confusing. There are so many brands and so many varieties of the same-size batteries. How do you know which is the best one to get? Keep reading to learn that there are surprisingly few differences between industrial and consumer alkaline batteries.

Hometown Pride

As a Wisconsin-based company, we are thrilled to share this battery trivia question that you can ask your friends: According to Google Trends, Wisconsin residents searched Google more than anyone in the country for alkaline batteries in 2022.

Why Do Alkaline Batteries Sell More in the Winter?

Alkaline sales peak in the winter months, especially in December, which is no surprise with the holidays. The holidays generate a lot of alkaline battery sales with many kids' gifts (and adults' gifts too) requiring batteries to operate. It's no fun when you open your presents and can't use them because you have no batteries.

What's the Difference Between Duracell Procell and Duracell Coppertop?

Duracell Coppertop is probably one of the most recognized and trusted batteries in the market. They are marketed for consumer everyday use in portable electronics, remotes, flashlights and many other devices. They are reliable, with a 10-year shelf life and provide lasting power for your devices.

Duracell Procell batteries are Duracell's line of commercially geared batteries for businesses to buy large quantities easily. Procell comes in two alkaline varieties. Procell Constant Power for low-drain devices that don't use a large amount of energy and Procell Intense for high-drain devices that use a lot of energy for a short period.

Procell Constant Power is designed for use in low-drain commercial devices like security devices, remote controls, flashlights and much more.

Procell Intense on the other hand is designed for low-drain devices but really shines in high-drain devices like security cameras, thermometers, wall safes, window blinds/shades and much more.

On the surface, the Coppertop and the Procell are essentially the same. They provide the same voltage, are the same size and all have the same operating temperature.

The main differences are:

  • Coppertop is marketed to consumers while Procell is marketed and sold only to commercial and industrial customers.
  • Procell batteries are generally slightly cheaper per battery due to them being purchased in bulk quantities.
  • Intense and Constant Power batteries do come with a slightly higher capacity than the Coppertop, extending the time between replacing batteries in commercial applications.

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