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Where Can I Get My Tablet Repaired?

Tech - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 2/17/2022

Little boy looking at cracked tablet screen. we fix it inside Batteries Plus

So, you've broken your tablet. Don't sweat it, it happens to the best of us. Here's a little good news to cheer you up; Batteries Plus can repair your tablet, so you don't have to invest in a completely new one. Keep reading for answers to all of your questions, including what issues we repair, how much it costs and how long our repair service takes.

Can a Tablet Be Repaired?

The technicians at your nearest Batteries Plus offer a number of tablet repair services, including tablet screen repair. Even if your tablet screen is only slightly cracked, it's a good idea to have it fixed as soon as possible. A cracked screen can be a liability for a number of reasons. For starters, you can cut yourself on the broken glass. A shattered screen also makes it easier for water and other foreign matter to get inside the tablet, which can damage it even further.

Batteries Plus also repairs a number of additional tablet components including :

  • Battery replacement
  • Front & rear cameras
  • Charge ports
  • Buttons

Keep in mind that these repairs are not available at all locations, so check with your local store for more information on exactly what issues they can fix.

Can a Battery Be Replaced In a Tablet?

The battery in your tablet has a lifespan of about 2-3 years, after which it will need to be replaced. Batteries Plus replaces batteries for all major brand tablets. How do you know if your battery needs replacing? There are a number of signs that will tell you when your battery is on its last legs. If you find yourself having to charge your tablet multiple times a day, it's probably due to an old battery. A dying battery can also cause your tablet to heat up suddenly and lead to unexpected shutdowns.

If you experience any of these issues, try swapping out your charging cord. If that fixes the issue, the problem was probably with the charger. If you still have the same problems, it's probably time to replace your battery.

What Tablet Brands Does Batteries Plus Repair?

Batteries Plus repairs a large number of tablet brands and models, including Apple iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab and additional models from Amazon. Many of our stores repair additional brands too, but this varies by location. If your brand tablet isn't mentioned here, contact your nearest store and ask if they have the components necessary to fix it.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Broken Screen On a Tablet?

Pricing will vary based on your tablet brand and model. Newer models tend to be more expensive to fix. There is also some pricing variation by store. In general though, a screen repair will cost in the range of $99.99 to $599.99. A battery replacement will run you somewhere between $59.99 for a Kindle and $99.99 for an iPad or Samsung Tab. Both screen repair and battery replacements will usually take between sixty and ninety minutes to complete.

Batteries Plus is Your Device Repair Headquarters

Batteries Plus makes it easy to book your tablet repair appointment online. Just choose your brand and model tablet, select the repair you require, then schedule your appointment at the store of your choice. Do you have a broken cell phone? Good news, we offer cell phone repair service too. While you're online, shop our selection of replacement tablet chargers. If you have an old tablet you're not sure what to do with, read our blog entitled "8 Things You Can Do with an Old Tablet" for some great ideas.

Are you looking for tablet repair service for your business? We can help you with that too. Simply sign up for one of our free business accounts   and a business rep will help put together a maintenance plan that suits your business' needs.

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