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Is Your Phone Overheating? Here's Why

Tech - by Rachael Maloney - updated on 7/17/2018

It's standard for phones to be warm to the touch, but what about when it gets hotter than average? Why is it overheating? After speaking with the engineers at our Quality Assurance Lab, it's clear that pinpointing the cause of overheating without examining the device is near impossible. However, we've identified a few of the most common culprits of an overheating phone.

Why is My Phone Overheating?

Environmental Factors

Sure, playing some music as you soak up the summer rays is fantastic; leaving your phone in direct sunlight isn't. Environmental factors, especially during the summer months, are one of the most common causes of overheating. Direct sunlight, storing your phone in a hot car, or even resting your phone on another device that heats up (such as a laptop or game console) is not advised.

Overworking Your Phone

As it turns out, our phones aren't as great at multitasking as I am after a few cups of coffee. Running multiple apps at once will push the Central Processing Unit to its limits which causes your phone to heat up. Games are also extremely demanding of the hardware in your phone; prolonged gaming is notorious for turning your phone into a hand warmer.

Phone Settings

Some features on your phone are more demanding than others. Bluetooth, GPS, email fetching, and even having the brightness turned up on your screen can play a huge role in your phone overheating.

Using Your Phone While It's Charging

It's convenient to use your phone as it charges, but try to avoid it. Discharging and charging your battery can heat your phone up and lengthen the time it takes to charge.

Defective Battery or Damage to an Internal Component

Although much less frequent, there could be an underlying issue causing your overheating problems such as a faulty battery, an internal short on one of the boards, or a damaged component.

If you’re concerned about your phone’s performance, visit the cell phone repair experts at your local Batteries Plus Bulbs. They’ll provide you with a free diagnosis to help identify the problem. If it turns out your phone needs a repair, they can take care of that for you, often same day.

What Should I Do if My Phone Overheats?

If you frequently allow your phone to overheat it could begin to degrade the battery, force shutdowns, or even harm the Central Processing Unit. Here are a few tips to cool your phone down, and prevent it from overheating in the future.

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