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Boat Security Tips: How to Keep Your Boat Safe

Tech - by Joe Weber - updated on 8/5/2022

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You had a great day on the water with your friends and family. You hook up your boat and head home. Now what? Many people wonder how it's possible to secure your boat when it's not being used to prevent it from being stolen. Read on to find some tips and tricks to do exactly that so you can enjoy your boat again and again without worrying about waking up to your boat being missing.

How Common is Boat Theft?

Boat theft is a real problem. While there are not as many boats stolen every year in the United States as cars, around 4,000 boats compared to the 800,000+ cars, the problem is that most boats that are stolen are never recovered. According to a report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB)  , there is a very low recovery rate for stolen watercraft, around 35%-40%. The best way to prevent your boat from becoming a statistic is to take preventative measures to keep your boat safe.

How Do I Secure My Boat From Being Stolen?

There are many ways to secure your boat and ensure safe storage and keep your personal property in your boat safe.

Lock It Up

There are many different locks available to secure your boat and expensive equipment. While they are a process to install and remove, they add additional layers of defense from the bad guys. Locks are available to help lock up all of your boats from trolling motors, trailer hitches and more.

Get an Alarm

You have an alarm for your car, so why not your boat? Alarms come in many shapes and sizes to fit your particular needs. Anything from a vibration-activated alarm padlock to a full-featured alarm system with an LED remote control that will show you when there's trouble.

Get a GPS Tracker

If the thieves do make off with your boat and you have a GPS tracking system installed, you will have much greater chances of recovering your boat. There are many available on the market and a relatively inexpensive way to add that extra security.

Park It in a Secure Spot

If you store your boat at home on a trailer outside it is important to never leave the boat on the street. Park the boat on the side or behind your home and chain the trailer to a tree or support to keep it from being moved.

If you keep your boat in the water make sure you remove and take the keys with you. Don't leave them in the jockey box or anywhere else in the boat or near the boat.

Remove Personal Property

This may sound like an obvious security tip but don't leave any of your personal belongings in the boat when you are done using it. If you leave valuables in the boat it is the perfect way to attract thieves. Remove all belongings and bring them with you when you are finished boating.

Choose a Safe Marina

If you choose to leave your boat in the water at a marina do your research. Cheaper is not always better when it comes to the security of your boat. Make sure the marina has a full-time security staff and good lighting. The staff should be familiar with your boat and should contact you directly if there is any suspicious activity occurring with your boat.

Make Sure You Have Insurance

All of the major insurance companies have boat insurance offerings. Get it. If something were to happen and your boat is stolen without insurance you will have to foot the bill for a replacement boat yourself. Many offer coverage for the trailer as well as the boat and your expensive fishing equipment.

Be Safe When Out Boating

Now that you have peace of mind that your boat will be safe it's time to go enjoy the water. Always wear life jackets when the boat is in motion and operate the boat at a safe speed. Be sure to read our blog article titled "Boating Safety Tips for a Fun 4th of July on the Water" to learn some additional helpful safety tips for you and your family.

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