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Batteries Plus Gives Back to the Community Through School of the Year Program

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 12/21/2022

Giving Procell Batteries to Mayfield High School

Batteries Plus has a proud tradition of giving back to the community on both a national and local level. Recently, we partnered with Duracell to launch the first Batteries Plus School of the Year award. This initiative was designed to help reward schools that have gone above and beyond to help kids succeed. Mayfield High School in Paducah, Kentucky was selected as one of three winners and received a $500 supply of Procell Constant and Procell Intense batteries.

The Importance of Resilience During the Pandemic

Mayfield High School was selected because of its resiliency during a very rough year. First, came COVID. Mayfield responded to the pandemic by rapidly adopting digital forms of learning. The staff kept in constant phone communication with students and parents to help check on their wellness and assist them in adapting to these rapid changes. The school even went so far as to provide hotspots and "community based" internet to students without reliable online access.

A Difficult Year Gets Worse

As if COVID wasn't enough, the Mayfield High School faced further challenges when their local community suffered a devastating tornado strike on December 10th, 2021. School staff immediately set the high school up as a triage center and community shelter. For over a month, the school remained open 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide warm meals and clothes to those in need. Volunteers also loaded their own vehicles up with supplies and delivered them to isolated individuals.

Batteries Plus Franchisee Offers Local Support

Paducah Batteries Plus store owner Neil Mayzik was on hand to present the award to school officials. As a local resident and business owner, Mayzik played a role in the community's recovery early on. Through his connection with his Duracell representative, he was able to secure emergency battery resources for the school shortly after the tornado hit.

Mayfield High School Looks Forward to a Brighter Future

The $500 battery prize will go a long way towards helping Mayfield High School recover from both the tornado and the economic challenges of the past year. It will also provide them with the batteries they need to prepare for potential future emergencies. School staff say they plan on reinvesting the money they save back into services designed to help improve education for their students. Batteries Plus is proud of Mayfield High School for the dedication they have shown, both to their students and to the surrounding community at large.

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