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Keep Your Business Facility Clean by Replacing Your Scrubber's Battery

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 12/8/2020

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Anyone who owns a business knows that the winter months can be messy. Cold weather brings an onslaught of salt, snow and dirt into your facility, which can be off-putting to customers while causing the potential for slips, falls and other accidents. This year, there's also the impact of COVID-19 to consider, which has made it more important than ever to keep surfaces clean in order to protect both clients and staff. Now's the perfect time to stock up on batteries for your industrial scrubber or sweeper to make sure it's ready for the tough months ahead. Keep reading to learn how Batteries Plus Bulbs can help you save on the scrubber batteries you need, plus tips on how to maintain your battery during the coming season.

A Wide Range of Scrubber Battery Options

Batteries Plus Bulbs stocks an impressive selection of batteries to fit all types of scrubbers and sweepers. Our stores offer 6-volt, 8-volt and 12-volt model batteries, along with standard batteries that utilize quick recharging, or high amp versions which can be charged overnight to last all day. No matter what brand of scrubber you use, you'll find the replacement battery you need at Batteries Plus Bulbs.

Monitor Your Battery's Electrolyte Level

If you find that your scrubber is very quickly running out of power or requires constant charging, it might be time for a replacement battery. An average deep cycle battery will last somewhere between 4 to 10 years. To get that much life out of them though, you'll need to follow a number of best practices.

If you're experiencing issues with a flooded lead acid battery, the first thing you'll want to do is check the electrolyte level inside. Is the solution covering the lead plates? If not, top the battery off with distilled or deionized water. This is something you'll need to do regularly in order to keep the lead plates from deteriorating. One important safety tip to keep in mind, when handling batteries, you should always wear safety goggles and protective gloves to protect you from battery acid.

Maximize Your Battery Life with Regular Charging

One of the most crucial ways you can prolong your battery's life cycle is by ensuring that your batteries are regularly charged. Always follow the charging directions for your specific battery and be sure to use only approved chargers for the battery you choose.

You'll also want to keep in mind that both under and overcharging can shorten your battery's lifespan. That's why it's important to engage in regular charging to keep your battery from getting too low, while monitoring the charging process to ensure the battery doesn't become overcharged.

The Schauer 36V 20A charger is an ideal charger for your scrubber or sweeper. This automatic charger continuously monitors your battery. It will cut off power when it reaches a full charge and begin charging again once it dips below its ideal voltage, minimizing your need to monitor the charging process.

Protect Your Battery's Terminals

Another important tip is to keep an eye on your battery's terminals. Be sure to keep them free from any corrosion. If you do notice corrosion forming, you can clean them using a wire brush and a solution of baking soda and water. Just be careful when cleaning terminals that the solution doesn't get into the battery's cells. If you notice that the terminals have become melted or broken, it's a good idea to replace the battery entirely.

Additional Cleaning Products for Your Business

Batteries Plus Bulbs offers a number of additional products to help keep your facilities clean and germ-free. The CDC website lists phones as high-touch surfaces that should be regularly cleaned. WHOOSH Screen Cleaner and Screen Wipes are an easy way to quickly clean cell phones and tablets to help prevent the spread of germs.

The ION UV Sanitizer with Aromatherapy uses UV light to sanitize phones, making it ideal for businesses reliant on constant phone communication. Simply place any cell phone into the sanitizing bed to kill 99.9% of common pathogenic bacteria and airborne microorganisms within minutes.

We also have alkaline, lithium and coin cell batteries for thermometers, touch-free faucets, towel dispensers, hand sanitizer stations and other touchless applications. Learn more about how to protect customers and staff by taking advantage of touchless technology.

A reliable battery is crucial in powering your industrial scrubber or sweeper. Select the right battery for your individual make and model, but before you do, consider signing up for a free business account. Your business will receive volume discount pricing on thousands of battery and lighting products, as well as fast, local delivery. You'll also be eligible for other great benefits, including recycling services, free on-site needs assessments and access to a dedicated advisor who can help save your business money by suggesting more efficient energy and lighting solutions. Why not sign up today?

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