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Why Batteries Plus is the Ideal Partner for Property Management Firms

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 7/28/2023

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As a property management professional, you rely on a wide range of power and lighting products in order to clean, repair and maintain your real estate properties. Batteries Plus can help save you both time and money with our catalog of 40,000 unique battery and lighting solutions. Many of our franchise owners have existing relationships with some of the top property management companies in the country, including Greystar, CBRE and Cushman & Wakefield. Here is a brief look at what Batteries Plus can do for your business.

Batteries Plus Has Nationally Stocked Inventory In 700+ Locations

Batteries Plus is a national brand with a local touch. We have over 700 locally-owned stores throughout the U.S. full of products that are ready for local delivery or immediate pickup. That means a quick turnaround on crucial products with no long lead times. If you need additional items, our Distribution Center carries a significant backstop that can be shipped to your location, usually in a matter of days.

Batteries Plus Carries Top Solutions for Property Managers

Here is a small preview of the solutions we carry for property management companies.


  • SLA batteries for emergency lighting, fire & security alarms
  • High-rate batteries for UPS backups and server banks
  • Deep cycle batteries for golf carts, scissor lifts and scrubbers/sweepers
  • Auto batteries for cars, trucks and other commercial vehicles
  • Alkaline batteries for flashlights, keypads, garage door openers, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors and touchless sinks, toilets & paper towel dispensers
  • Cordless tool batteries


  • Indoor lighting: LED lay-in panels, LED T8 & fluorescent tubes, ballasts, downlights, high bays, linear strips and retro kits
  • Outdoor lighting: area lights, exterior wall packs, flood lights, bollards, soffit downlighting, canopy lights, Cobs, HIDs and ballasts
  • Emergency lighting: exit & emergency lights, combo units and emergency backup products

Why You Should Partner with Batteries Plus

Batteries Plus can simplify your ordering process by helping you navigate many of the challenges facing property managers.

Problem: Your vendor requires multiple days of lead time when ordering product.
Our Solution: Batteries Plus has over 700 locations nationwide with thousands of batteries on hand for immediate pickup or delivery. We also have our own Distribution Center that can drop-ship additional backstock as needed.

Problem: Your current vendor offers inconsistent pricing with no volume discounts.
Our Solution: Not only do we offer volume pricing discounts, but our online ordering portal provides consistent pricing on a national level.

Problem: Your current vendor has limited access to specific brands.
Our Solution: Batteries Plus has full access to nationally recognized brands, including: Duracell, Rayovac, Power Sonic and X2Power

Problem: Your current vendor offers products that lack certifications which meet local and national electrical standards.
Our Solution: Our battery and lighting products feature all necessary certifications to ensure safe and reliable usage.

Problem: There is no one to assist you in sourcing or researching the correct product for specific projects.
Our Solution: Your dedicated personal account representative can help you source exactly what you need and help point you toward the best possible solution if you need assistance.

Problem: Your current vendor doesn't provide recycling.
Our Solution: Batteries Plus not only offers battery and light bulb recycling, but many stores will also pick your recyclables up from your facility.

Sign Up for a Free Account and Start Saving

If you're interested in partnering with Batteries Plus, sign up for a free business account  . Our business account holders receive volume discount pricing, fast, local delivery and other tailored service options. Our experts also offer free on-site needs assessments designed to help cut your costs by suggesting how you can use power and lighting more efficiently.

If your company has a national presence, our National Accounts Division   will work with you to help coordinate ordering across your entire organization.

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