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What Batteries Plus Can Do for Your Business

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 2/14/2022

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Batteries Plus provides businesses with total battery and lighting solutions. That means working with your company to help you cut your energy costs by recommending the best possible products, while ensuring you receive any utility rebate dollars you're entitled to. We recently partnered with an airport hanger operator & aircraft service provider located out of Millington, TN. Here is their story.

The company needed updated lighting for one of their hangers and selected Batteries Plus because we were a preferred partner of TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) due to previous lighting projects we had installed at the airport. These projects included retrofitting internal lighting on some private hangers, the training school and the T hangers at the airport, however, this was our largest project at the location to date.

After meeting with administrators, Batteries Plus was able to meet their needs by replacing their current 400 watt metal halide lights with 300 watt EOS LED high bay fixtures from EiKO. These new fixtures were more energy and cost efficient, providing the company with substantial savings on their energy spending. The project provided an annual utility bill savings of $28,608.85. Even better, we were able to secure $3,999.70 for them in incentives from local utilities. Factoring in those numbers together with the lamps' long lifespans (each is rated for 60,000 hours), the project will fully pay for itself in 1.73 years.

After this project was completed, it became necessary to install a series of emergency backup lights in the hanger's offices and staircases. The company needed this done quickly in order to meet the FAA standards for an incoming client. Batteries Plus was able to provide an add-on solution from IOTA which was compatible with the volumetric troffers that had recently been installed. This allowed them to hit their deadline and keep their client happy.

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This is just one of the many businesses that we've helped to cut their energy costs by providing them with more efficient solutions. Read more stories in our blog entitled "How Partnering with Batteries Plus Can Benefit Your Business." If you are interested in emergency lighting, learn "What are the Best Emergency Lighting Fixtures for Your Business?" While you're there, consider signing up for one of our free business accounts. You'll receive discount volume pricing on thousands of battery and lighting products, plus you'll be eligible for additional perks, including local delivery, free on-site needs assessments, recycling services and more.

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