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How Investing in a Better Alkaline Battery Can Help Cut Your Company's Costs

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 10/12/2022

procell alkaline batteries

As an industry professional, you know the important role alkaline batteries play in powering critical equipment. These disposable batteries are used in everything from blood pressure monitors and otoscopes to 2-way radios, flashlights and security cameras. What you may not know is that the type of alkaline battery you use can have a big impact on your energy costs. If you're looking to maximize your energy spending, Batteries Plus can help. Keep reading for valuable insight on how high-performance industrial alkaline batteries can help cut your energy costs.

Premium Industrial Batteries Offer a Better ROI

Batteries Plus offers two lines of premium alkaline batteries engineered specifically for industrial applications. Procell Intense batteries are designed to provide long-lasting performance in high-drain professional devices, while Procell Constant provides peak performance for mid and low-drain devices.

These batteries carry a greater upfront cost, but feature dramatically longer lifespans that greatly boost your ROI. Your business can save up to 30% simply by switching to Procell batteries. Looking for more specific numbers? Our savings calculator will provide you with an estimate of your company's specific alkaline savings.

A Better Battery Means Less Labor Costs

Not only do premium batteries save you money on the batteries themselves, they also help reduce the cost of additional labor. Take a moment to think about the number of battery-operated applications in your company. Each and every single one of those batteries will need to be replaced at some point in the future. This is a greater cost center than you might think.

Cheaper batteries burn out faster. That means diverting electricians and maintenance professionals from more important tasks every time one of these batteries burns out. A premium battery has a much longer lifespan. This helps extend your batteries' replacement cycles, helping to save on your labor costs.

How Matching Batteries To Their Ideal Application Can Help Them Last Longer

Different applications have different power needs. Applications like blood pressure monitors, electronic door locks, flashlights and touchless paper towel dispensers and hand sanitizer dispensers are referred to as high-drain devices because they go through power at a rapid rate. Low-drain devices use a lower level of power over a longer period of time. Examples of this include: security keypads, smoke detectors, keyboards and wireless mice. By matching the right type of battery to its ideal application, you can prolong your batteries' lifespans significantly, providing you with a better ROI.

Batteries Plus Offers Expert Guidance from Industry Experts

Batteries Plus is more than a simple supplier, we're a full-service partner offering creative solutions to your energy and lighting problems. Our advisors are industry experts with an exhaustive knowledge of the products we sell. If you have questions, the answer is just a phone call away. Why not sign up for one of our free business accounts  ? Once you do, you'll unlock a number of valuable perks, including discount volume pricing, local delivery and more.

Does your business have a national presence? If so, consider joining our National Accounts Division  . Our team will work with you to help reduce your costs, increase your spending influence and simplify your procurement through our nationwide distribution center.

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