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Commercial Battery Solutions Can Make a Difference

For Professionals - by Bill Petherbridge - updated on 9/26/2023

Placing the positive terminal on a battery

Businesses need reliable battery and lighting solutions to operate efficiently and meet employee and customer expectations. Having quick and easy access to commercial battery solutions   can make a significant difference for nearly any organization, regardless of their industry. The critical role that batteries play for the average business is evident from the growing demand that exists in this market. However, one common problem some businesses experience is finding and implementing the right battery products efficiently and correctly. This is understandable given that most businesses don't have an in-house battery and lighting expert on their staff, leading them to look for a reliable external provider. Luckily, Batteries Plus has the experience and expertise to address their concerns.

The Batteries Plus team has worked hard to become the go-to option for business owners searching for commercial battery solutions and business lighting solutions for their brick-and-mortar locations. Our extensive product line and comprehensive services, including alkaline, fleet, and LED batteries, have bolstered our reputation within the industry, and businesses recognize the value of our offerings. One example of the value we provide is our Batteries Plus Business accounts, which offer myriad benefits to those who register, such as a dedicated account representative and a free on-site needs assessment.

Registering for a Batteries Plus Business account gives organizations access to our full range of services to keep their battery and lighting needs covered, so they can avoid the stress of managing their energy responsibilities themselves.

How Our National Accounts Division Helps

Batteries Plus has worked with organizations of all sizes to provide excellent service and stellar products for which our brand has become known over the years. Larger businesses with multiple locations can find it difficult to maintain the proper inventory level of commercial batteries  . Fortunately, this isn't a problem for those who sign up to become a Batteries Plus Business account member due to the incredible value that is provided by the Batteries Plus National Accounts division  .

Our National Accounts division is specifically designed to handle the battery and lighting needs of businesses with widespread locations, whether you have one location or hundreds! Each Business account member is assigned a dedicated representative in addition to the local team of experts who can help individual business locations. National Accounts representatives can assist with cost reduction, procurement agility, and improving spend influence for each Business account member's brand, even if they have sites that are not all in the same geographic area.

The Batteries Plus National Accounts division manages the entire program of our national partners by doing the following:

  • Allowing customers to partner with a national brand that has access to products locally
  • Establishing a single point of contact for account management
  • Setting up custom billing and invoice options

Rather than wasting time communicating with numerous companies and people to solve a problem, National Accounts members can simply turn to us - their friends at Batteries Plus. This keeps businesses from receiving different or conflicting answers to their questions and saves them time and other valuable resources that otherwise would be wasted without this quick and seamless process.

Fast, Efficient Nationwide Distribution

Another common concern for businesses with many locations is that they may have issues ensuring the right products are delivered to the correct locations. By partnering with Batteries Plus, businesses can leverage the nationwide distribution network to provide consistent service to all locations while our local account managers ensure that orders are received ASAP. In fact, most of them can walk into their nearest Batteries Plus store and pick up the product on the same day they ordered it - and know it will remain at a negotiated contracted price. This helps ensure that businesses receive the correct products in a timely manner so they can continue operating as usual.

In addition, our Batteries Plus local business experts work to ensure that individual locations are not lost in the shuffle, keeping them apprised of things like the total cost of ownership of the products and services offered and return on investment.

Meanwhile, our coast-to-coast distribution capabilities keep individual locations running at full speed by ensuring they never have to wait long for their products. Thanks to our nationwide presence with 700 local centers across 47 states, most Business account members have access to products at their nearest store.

It can be difficult for businesses with widespread locations to find a partner who can efficiently supply them with the batteries and lighting solutions they need. Batteries Plus Business account members don't have to worry thanks to our National Accounts division and the local experts who regularly check in with each of your locations – no matter how widespread they are.

Interested in learning about what else our National Accounts division can do for you? Contact us   to ask questions and learn more about the benefits of signing up for a Batteries Plus Business account!

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