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Why Your Business Should Use Batteries Plus Bulbs For Your Recycling Needs

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 11/11/2020

A Duracell auto battery, a Duracell ultra battery, one Procell 9V battery, 4 AA Procell batteries, one Rayvac light, and 7 button batteries

An enormous number of businesses rely on Batteries Plus Bulbs for their battery, lighting and device repair needs, but did you know that we can also partner with you to recycle your spent batteries and bulbs? It's one of many perks your business can take advantage of just by signing up for a free business account. Keep reading for more information on what we recycle and why you should partner with us for your recycling needs.

What Types of Batteries Do We Recycle?

Each year, our stores recycle roughly 47.5 million pounds of lead acid batteries and 1.68 million pounds of other battery types. Due to differences in state and local regulations, there is some variation in the type of recyclable material your store may accept. As a general rule though, we accept the following:

  • Lead acid – Lead acid batteries can be found in cars, trucks, emergency lighting, lawn equipment, floor scrubbers, UPS systems and more.
  • Nickel cadmium (NiCd) – Nickel cadmium batteries can be found in rechargeable devices like cordless phones, drills, camcorders, calculators, electronic flash units and tool battery packs.
  • Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) – These batteries are commonly used in exit/emergency lights, flashlights, camcorders, cameras, barcode scanners, back-up power and battery packs.
  • Lithium ion – Lithium ion batteries are used to power cell phones, laptops, two-way radios, scanners, tools, flashlights, watches and tool battery packs.
  • Alkaline – Used in common devices such as flashlights, microphones, thermometers, smoke detectors, fire alarms and touchless hand sanitizer and air freshener stations, sinks, toilets and paper towel dispensers.

What Types of Light Bulbs Do We Recycle?

In an average year, we recycle over half a million pounds of light bulbs and over 30,000 pounds of ballasts. Batteries Plus Bulbs recycles the following types of light bulbs:

  • LED
  • Compact fluorescent (CFLs)
  • Fluorescent tubes
  • U bend fluorescent bulbs
  • Plastic coated & shatter shield bulbs
  • Incandescent
  • Soft/flood lamps
  • Germicidal & UV lamps
  • Halogen
  • High pressure sodium
  • Mercury vapor
  • Cold cathode
  • Ballasts

Why You Should Partner with Us?

Whether you're a small business or a large company with dozens of different locations, our experts will work with you to help tackle your recycling needs. As a business partner, we offer a number of advantages over the competition. We have a much larger presence than traditional recycling companies, with over 700 locations throughout the U.S. Furthermore, we offer the convenience of night and weekend hours.

You can also customize your transportation options, whether you want to drop off your recyclables yourself or prefer that we pick them up for you. Plus, our entire process is certified, including all of the individuals and companies that we contract with. When you choose us as your recycling partner, you can also be sure your business is in full compliance with all federal, state, municipal, EPA and DOT regulations. Finally, we can provide you with any documentation you require for your company records.

Recycling is just one of the many perks we offer. We also offer competitive volume pricing on thousands of battery and lighting products, as well as fast, local delivery. Sign up today for a free business   account and start saving. If you're interested in establishing a business recycling program, contact the experts at your local Batteries Plus Bulbs location for more information.

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