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Batteries Plus Has Power and Lighting Solutions for Local Governments

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 6/20/2023

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Keeping the agencies running in your city, county or state requires having the right power and lighting products when you need them, without lengthy delays. At Batteries Plus, our organization is uniquely equipped to tackle the many challenges local government agencies face. For starters, we offer access to over 40,000 unique battery and lighting products. Even better, our pre-negotiated contract with NPP Gov enables you to save time by purchasing products that have already gone through a formal RFP process that local government agencies can utilize. Plus, we have over 700 locations throughout the United States, full of products ready for pickup or local delivery.

Batteries Plus Provides Access to RFP Contracted Items

Batteries Plus understands government purchasing. Our experts are not only fully versed in the RFP process for local bidding requirements, but we can help you save time and money through our competitively bid and awarded contract via NPP Gov. This group purchasing organization serves public markets as a cooperative purchasing organization, providing access to contracts created through an RFP process conducted by a lead agency. This enables you to purchase your most commonly needed items much faster, without having to go through a lengthy bidding process.

Batteries Plus Offers Local Solutions

Batteries Plus offers the convenience of a local partner, backed by the resources of a national company. We have over 700 locations throughout the United States, owned by over 240 franchisees, including many minority, women and service disabled veteran owners. Not only does this help you to receive your products faster, it allows you to spend your tax dollars locally as well.

Batteries Plus Has the Solutions for All Local Government Agencies

Batteries Plus has over 25,000 batteries and 15,000 lighting products available. This includes solutions for the following agencies:

Police & Fire Departments

  • Alkaline batteries for 2-way radios, flashlights, medical equipment, etc.
  • Sealed lead acid batteries for UPS units & alarm systems
  • Auto batteries for squad cars, fire engines & other emergency vehicles
  • Tactical flashlights and lithium batteries


  • UPS/backup power units and batteries for both large and small systems
  • Lithium backup batteries
  • Alkaline batteries

Traffic Control

Building Maintenance/MRO

  • Fire panel & alarm system batteries
  • Sealed lead acid backup batteries
  • Lamps
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Door lock batteries
  • Exit lighting fixtures & batteries
  • Batteries for tools and metering equipment

Transportation (fleet, bus, airports, etc)

  • Auto batteries
  • Replacement headlight bulbs, jump packs & other SLI accessories
  • Free battery testing service
  • Key fob replacement and programming services (valid at participating locations only)

Batteries Plus Offers Creative Solutions for Local Governments

Our organization can help you navigate many of the challenges facing local government agencies.

Problem: Your current vendor supplies you with low-quality products that feature short service lives.
Our Solution: We offer only high-quality batteries, many of which are made in the USA by trusted brands like Duracell.

Problem: Your current vendor offers products that lack certifications which meet local and national electrical standards.
Our Solution: Our battery and lighting products feature all necessary certifications to ensure safe and reliable usage.

Problem: Your current vendor struggles to provide you with the right product for specific needs.
Our Solution: Our inventory and flexible sourcing enables us to provide you with the perfect solution to fit each and every application.

Problem: Your vendor requires multiple days of lead time when ordering product.
Our Solution: Batteries Plus has over 700 locations nationwide with thousands of different batteries on hand for immediate pick up or delivery. We also have our own distribution center that works 24 hours a day, 6 days a week to drop-ship additional supplies.

Problem: You lack a local partner that can help service warranties or assist you with other issues.
Our Solution: Between your dedicated commercial account representative and over 700 locations, there's always someone available to service and support your business every day of the week.

Problem: Your current vendor doesn't provide recycling.
Our Solution: Batteries Plus not only offers battery and light bulb recycling, but many stores will also pick your recyclables up from your facility.

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Over 14,250 local government agencies rely on Batteries Plus to keep their buildings lit, their vehicles powered and their communication systems charged up and ready to go. If you're interested in taking advantage of everything our organization can do for you, sign up for a free business account  . Once you do, you'll unlock additional benefits, including volume discount pricing, local delivery and access to your own dedicated account representative.

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