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Spring Battery Maintenance

Power - by Jessica Carey - updated on 3/1/2013

For the first time in months, you're thinking about taking your spring equipment out of storage. Whether it is your motorcycle, your personal watercraft, or even your kids' toys. However, neglecting the battery inside of these items is the quickest way to end a fun weekend before it even gets started. Here are some "dos" and "don'ts" to properly maintain your battery so it's ready to go when you are.

The Importance of Car Battery Chargers

Power - by Jessica Carey - updated on 1/25/2013

If you understand why car batteries fail, then you should also understand the importance of charging your car battery. On average, most batteries do not require a recharge for at least five years. That's if you're taking good care of your car. But if you want to maintain your battery to ensure a long life, you'll benefit from routine charging...

Winter Wear on Your Car Battery

Power - by Jessica Carey - updated on 12/28/2012

A dead car battery is always a pain. However, when your car battery dies in the cold, dry winter months, it is especially painful and can even be dangerous. Winter weather is hard on your car battery. If you haven't taken the right precautions, you may be unpleasantly surprised with a dead battery the next time you get in your car...

Toy Battery Safety

Power - by Jessica Carey - updated on 12/21/2012

During the holidays, your children will get toys that blink, light up, sing and shine. However, the batteries powering those fun toys can be extremely dangerous to them. We would like to encourage parents to take measures to keep button cell batteries out of their reach...

Batteries + Fire Safety

Power - by Jessica Carey - updated on 10/5/2012

We are urging every household and family to have a functioning smoke alarm. Keep your family safe with the following tips: Ensure you are testing smoke alarms monthly...