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X2Power is the Best Battery Brand for Your RV, Boat or Kayak

Power - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 5/31/2022

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Are you looking for the best deep cycle battery for your RV, boat or kayak? X2Power deep cycle lithium batteries last longer, charge faster and offer a better warranty than both flooded and AGM options. Learn more about our exclusive X2Power batteries and what they can do for your favorite recreational vehicles.

What is the Difference Between a Deep Cycle Battery and a Starting Battery?

One of the things that RVs and boats have in common is that they both typically require two different types of batteries. A starter battery is responsible for turning over your engine, while a deep cycle battery, also known as a "house" battery, is used to power everything else. In an RV, the house battery will power things like cabin lights, fans, TVs and microwaves. On a boat, your house battery is responsible for trolling motors, GPS, fish finders, depth finders and any other accessories you might have on board.

Deep cycle batteries also work great in kayaks too. Many kayak owners want the option of switching between paddle and motorized power and have begun outfitting their kayaks with trolling motors that rely on deep cycle batteries. They're also useful for powering any additional electronics you keep in your kayak, such as fish finders, sonar and GPS trackers.

Are Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries Better?

Now that we've tackled the difference between starting and deep cycle batteries, let's talk chemistry. A battery's chemistry plays an enormous role in how well your deep cycle battery will perform. For years, marine/RV house batteries were either flooded lead acid or AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries. Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) is a newer battery chemistry, which offers an enormous improvement over both of these types.

Lithium has a greater energy density than lead. This allows a lithium battery to store the same amount of energy in a smaller amount of space, resulting in a battery that's much lighter. Lithium is also resistant to many of the natural limitations that plague lead acid batteries, making them less prone to sulfation. Best of all, LiFePO4 batteries last longer, recharge faster and have a lower self-discharge rate than lead acid batteries.

Are X2Power Batteries Good?

X2Power lithium batteries are the best-performing, longest-lasting deep cycle batteries on the market and they're only available at Batteries Plus. Here are some of the many advantages they offer for your RV, boat or kayak.

  • Longer lifespans - Can deliver up to 10X longer cycle life than a lead acid battery
  • Faster charging - Charges up to 4X faster than lead acid batteries
  • Constant power throughout the battery's discharge
  • Low self-discharge rate - Holds a charge for much longer in storage than flooded or AGM batteries
  • Lightweight - Over 50% lighter than lead acid batteries
  • Battery Management System - Controls the parameters of battery to provide optimum safety by protecting against overcharging and over-discharging
  • Longer warranty - Comes with an unmatched 5-year free replacement warranty

Are Lithium Batteries More Expensive?

An X2Power lithium battery will cost more upfront than a flooded or AGM option, but that can be a bit deceiving. Since lithium batteries last so much longer than lead acid options, you'll most likely end up saving money over the course of the battery's life.

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