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Ready, Set, Start! Car & Truck Batteries Need to Work the First Time, Every Time.

Power - by Mary Williams - updated on 12/6/2018

winter car battery tips

You turn the key and the car starts, just like that, no hesitation. Seems like a lot to ask for when the snow is swirling and the temperature is hovering around zero. But the world doesn't stop for the wind chill, and you've got places to be. Can your car handle it? If you're not sure, we can help!

How do I test a car battery?

Drive over to your nearest Batteries Plus Bulbs and have your car or truck battery tested free of charge. Battery testing means just that - we'll bring the meter out to your car and check to see how much life your current battery has left. If it meters out, you're good to go. If it looks like there’s not much life left, well, you're in the right place. We’ll find the right battery for your car, pull it off the shelf for you to purchase and then we’ll install it.

Which auto battery should I choose?

Whether your priority is power, dependability or value, or the perfect mix of all three, we've got the right battery for you. And when we're finished, we'll take your old battery and recycle it for you. Then you'll be on your way, with the reassurance of a nationwide warranty, guaranteeing your battery purchase at any Batteries Plus Bulbs location throughout the country.

Learn more about choosing the right battery. And find your nearest Batteries Plus Bulbs location.

For reliable, easy start-up, every time, stop in soon. You and your vehicle will be well equipped to take on the cold.

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