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Sump Pump Power & How Battery Back Ups Save the Day

Power - by Mary Williams - updated on 3/13/2019

Sump Pump

When it's working properly, your sump pump isn't something you often think about. However, when it fails, or when the power goes out… that can mean trouble. That's why having a battery back up for your sump pump is vital.

Know Your Sump Pump

A sump pump is powered with electricity in your home. So when the power fails, the sump pump stops working, just when you may need it the most. And even if the power is only out for a few hours, basements can flood. With a battery back-up, however, the battery kicks in right when the power goes out, helping to protect your basement from water.

Adding Battery Back-Up to your Sump Pump

Step one is selecting a battery box (Batteries Plus Bulbs offers a complete battery box selection) that allows ventilation, stays secure and resists cracking. Then determine the size of the battery you need. Your sump pump should include instructions relating to the appropriate battery and size to run the system. And finally, find the appropriate battery from our selection. And remember, you're working with electricity and water, so if this isn't a job you're up for, consult the pros.

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