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Batteries Plus Offers Watch Battery Replacement

Power - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 1/23/2023

Replacing a battery in a watch

If you wear a watch, chances are pretty good that there's a battery inside it. Just like with any other application, that battery will eventually need to be replaced. What do you do when your favorite timepiece has stopped working? Visit your nearest Batteries Plus. Not only do we carry a wide selection of watch batteries, but we also offer watch battery replacement service too.

How Do I Know If My Watch Has a Battery?

The internal engine that powers a watch is referred to as a movement. There are two different types of movements, mechanical and quartz. A watch with a mechanical movement does not require batteries and must be wound in some way.

Quartz watches rely on batteries. An easy way to differentiate between a mechanical and quartz watch is in how the hands move across the watch's face. In a quartz watch the hands will move with a start and stop movement, while the hands in a mechanical watch move in a smooth, unbroken motion. Digital watches also have a quartz movement inside and also rely on batteries.

How Long Should a Watch Battery Last?

A watch battery will typically last around two years before it needs to be replaced. Just like with all batteries though, the lifespan of a watch battery depends on a number of factors:

  • Digital vs Analog - batteries last longer in digital watches than in analog watches
  • Battery Chemistry - lithium batteries last longer than silver oxide batteries
  • Additional Features - functions such as chronographs, alarms & digital displays drain a battery faster the more often they are used
  • Temperature - regular exposure to extreme heat and cold can shorten a battery's lifespan

How Do I Know What Size Battery for My Watch?

Watch batteries come in a number of different sizes. These sizes are designated by a series of numbers, which are an abbreviation of the diameter and height of the battery in millimeters. For example, a 2032 watch battery has a diameter of 20mm and a height of 3.2mm.

You don't really need to know any of that though, since the number will be listed on the exterior of the battery itself. In order to find the right battery for your watch, just read the number off of your old battery, or look up the type of battery your watch requires in your owner's manual.

What Kind of Batteries Are Used In a Watch?

The two most common types of watch batteries are silver oxide and lithium coin cell batteries. It doesn't matter what chemistry you use in your watch as long as the size and power match your watch's requirements.

Lithium batteries last longer than silver oxide options, but cost a bit more upfront. Silver oxide batteries are a good match for standard watches, while lithium batteries are most commonly used in large sport and digital watches with a larger number of special features.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Battery in a Watch?

Batteries Plus offers both single and lifetime battery replacement.

Single Watch Battery Replacement

  • Costs $13.99

Lifetime Watch Battery Replacement

  • One-time cost of $21.99
  • Any further battery replacements are free for the life of the watch

Can I Replace My Watch Battery Myself?

Unless you have the correct tools, it's best to let a professional replace your watch battery. Otherwise, you could end up scratching or even damaging the watch. The associates at Batteries Plus replace batteries in screw-off back, pressure fit snap-off back, hinged-back and bezel style case watches.

Batteries Plus Offers Additional Services

Need a new auto battery installed? How about a spare key fob? At Batteries Plus, we offer a variety of convenient services, including cell phone repair, free battery testing, auto battery installation (available on most vehicles at most locations) and key fob programming. Plus, we have over 700 locations throughout the U.S. Find your nearest Batteries Plus and stop in today. We're happy to help.

Need your watch battery replaced?

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