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Goal Zero Products Put Solar Power in the Palm of Your Hand

Power - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 5/18/2020

Sun shining in the sky with a solar panel

While so much of our life revolves around the use of electricity, it’s easy to forget that there’s a source of clean, renewable energy right overhead. Solar power is not new. In fact, solar panels as we know them today have been with us since the mid-1950s. But while solar power has been used in limited industrial applications, solar power options for individuals have traditionally been pretty limited. Batteries Plus Bulbs’ selection of Goal Zero products changes that trend by putting the power of the sun in your hands, allowing you to power your favorite devices using solar energy.

How It Works

Goal Zero products features an ingenious system which allows you to hook up a portable solar panel to a power bank or portable station. This stores the energy for later use, allowing you to recharge phones and power other devices using stored solar energy. All of the products are small and lightweight, making them a great source of portable power for camping trips, beach visits, hikes and more.

Solar Panels

The Goal Zero Boulder solar panel series provides the perfect portable power option. They are made of strong tempered glass and feature an aluminum frame with added corner protection. Batteries Plus Bulbs offers two Goal Zero solar panel options. The 50 watt version features an integrated kickstand to help you get the perfect angle to catch those rays. The Boulder 100 Solar Panel Briefcase is composed of two 50 watt panels chained together and connected by a hinge. It features the same handy kickstand as its 50 watt counterpart and comes with a protective canvas bag for easy transport.

Power Storage

Goal Zero’s power storage options includes power banks and stations designed for a variety of applications. They work by connecting to the Goal Zero solar panel of your choice, allowing you to collect energy for later use. Here are the power storage products we currently offer:

The Sherpa 100AC Power Bank

The perfect mid-size solution for your portable power needs. This 94.72Wh power bank features a variety of ports for charging phones, tablets, laptops and DSLR cameras. Plus, it is airline approved, includes two high-speed 60 watt Power Delivery ports and offers wireless charging.

Yeti 500X Portable Power Station

This Goal Zero power station has four different port options to power everything from cell phones to portable fridges. Best of all, it can be charged three separate ways, using solar power, plugging into a traditional electrical outlet and by using the Goal Zero Yeti Lithium 12V car charging cable (sold separately) to plug into your vehicle’s 12V outlet. It’s also small and lightweight, making it perfect for camping trips, backyard barbecues and more.

Goal Zero’s line of solar powered products are truly innovative, providing you with the convenience of using solar power for your personal power needs. Shop our full line of Goal Zero products online, or contact your local Batteries Plus Bulbs store for more information, including details on larger sized power stations made for heavy-duty use.