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Which Battery Tender Is Best for a Motorcycle?

Power - by Joe Weber - updated on 8/17/2022

Attaching a battery tender to a battery

Did you know that Battery Tender is actually a brand? Commonly used interchangeably with battery maintainers, Battery Tender is one of the most well-known battery maintainer brands on the market. Battery Tender makes battery chargers and maintainers for a number of different applications.

Maintaining your motorcycle battery during the off-season is key to being able to enjoy years of great motorcycle rides without needing to replace batteries frequently. Read on to learn about which battery maintainer is best for your motorcycle.

Are All Motorcycle Battery Tenders the Same?

There are many brands that make battery maintainers and chargers including, but not limited to, NOCO, Battery Tender, Schumacher, Yuasa and more. All of these brands create quality products and all have their positives. Each maintainer will have different charging capabilities and one may be better for your motorcycle than another. Later on, we will discuss some of our recommended options for you to use with your motorcycle.

Can I Leave My Motorcycle Battery Charging Overnight?

If you are using a smart automatic charger, then yes, you absolutely can leave your motorcycle battery charging overnight. These chargers will monitor the state of the battery and reduce or eliminate the current when the battery reaches a full charge to prevent overcharging and preserve the battery by not causing any damage from overcharging.

Trickle chargers and maintainers, like Battery Tenders, are designed to be connected for long periods of time for applications that have long periods of inactivity. They provide a smaller amount of current to the battery over a longer period to condition the battery and keep it in optimal condition until its next use.

A standard charger that is not automatic should never be left connected to the battery long-term and it should be monitored at all times to avoid overcharging.

What Battery Tender Should I Buy?

When you are searching for a maintainer, you should make sure that the charger that you are looking at works with the chemistry of the battery you have. This means you shouldn't buy a maintainer that only works with lithium batteries when you have a motorcycle with an AGM battery. Below are a few of our recommendations for battery maintainers that would work for your motorcycle and larger vehicles like cars and trucks.

Battery Tender Jr, 12V 0.75 Amp Charger

  • Offers a complete 4-step charging program: initialization, bulk charge, absorption mode and float mode.
  • Compatible with all Lead-acid batteries including flooded, AGM and Gel.
  • Charges and maintains motorcycles, ATVs, lawnmowers and dirt bikes.

X2Power 0.8 Amp 6V/12V Charger

  • Compatible with all powersport battery chemistries including flooded, gel, AGM and lithium varieties.
  • Can charge both 6 Volt and 12 Volt batteries.
  • Features a completely automatic design for peace of mind.

Battery Tender Weatherproof 12V 0.8 Amp Charger

  • Compatible with all lead-acid batteries including flooded, AGM and Gel.
  • Designed with rugged applications in mind. The weather-resistant casing is perfect for use in areas that can get wet.
  • Charges and maintains motorcycles, ATVs, jet skis and lawnmowers with the ability to maintain batteries in cars, trucks, SUVs and boats.

Have two or more powersport batteries that need to be charged or maintained? No problem! There are several options for those enthusiasts that need to charge more than one battery at a time.

Battery Tender 12V 1.25 Amp 2 Bank Powersport Charger

  • Can simultaneously charge and maintain two batteries at the same time.
  • Charges and maintains motorcycles, ATVs, jet skis, dirtbikes and lawnmowers with the ability to maintain batteries in cars, trucks, SUVs and boats.
  • The perfect charger for lead-acid batteries including flooded and sealed AGM.

Battery Tender 4-Bank 12V, 1.25 Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer

  • Can simultaneously charge and maintain up to 4 batteries at the same time.
  • Charges and maintains motorcycles, ATVs, jet skis, lawnmowers and dirt bikes and has the ability to maintain car, pickup, SUV and boat batteries.
  • Ideal for lead-acid batteries including flooded and sealed AGM.

Find Your Battery Maintainer at Batteries Plus

We make it easy to find the right battery maintainer for your vehicle with our large selection of chargers and maintainers. Visit our battery chargers page and select the type of vehicle. Or, stop into your local Batteries Plus location and have our battery experts help you. If you are looking for more tips and tricks revolving around storing your batteries long-term, read our blog article titled, "How to Maintain Seasonal Vehicles During the Winter Months."

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