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What Is A Golf Cart Battery Watering System?

Power - by Joe Weber - updated on 4/1/2023

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Whether you have a fleet of golf carts for a golf course or one to cruise around the community, maintenance can be a nuisance but extremely important for the health of the batteries. You don't want to replace your batteries after every season, do you? Why not extend the life of the batteries and cut maintenance time down to about a minute per cart with a Flow-rite watering system.

What Is A Battery Watering System?

Watering batteries for a fleet of golf carts can be a pain, it can take time you don't have and it can easily make a mess. A Flow-rite Pro-Fill Single Point Watering System is a tool that is used to ease the burden of battery maintenance for your golf deep cycle lead acid batteries.

Built with acid-resistant tubing and consisting of automatic shut-off valves that replace the existing vent caps on the battery, this system is a foolproof way to easily add water to your deep cycle batteries and make routine maintenance a breeze.

How Does A Battery Watering System Work?

The system is permanently installed on the batteries in the golf cart. Installation is easy, quick and can be done yourself, no need for a professional. The entire installation process only takes around 10-20 minutes per golf cart. Take a look at Flow-rite's helpful tool   to see installation diagrams for your specific golf cart to make this process even smoother.

When it's time to perform routine maintenance follow these simple steps to complete the watering process:

  1. Simply connect the system to a distilled water supply with the installed quick connector
  2. The water begins flowing to the cell.
    1. Flow can be verified by the red balls spinning in the flow indicator.
  3. The water from the supply shuts off automatically when each cell reaches the optimal level.
    1. When the red balls in the flow indicator stops spinning, the flow has stopped and the water supply can be disconnected.

This entire process takes a minute or less per golf car to get your equipment back in service as soon as possible.

It's a quick and easy way to ensure that maintenance is done right and is not a burden on those tasked to maintain a fleet of golf carts. Or, the golf cart owner that uses the cart as a means of transportation in a small community.

Why Should I Use A Battery Watering System?

  • Saves Time
    Turn a 15- to 30-minute hassle into a quick and easy 1-minute job. Downtime can cost you money, get your golf carts back out on the course fast with this tool.
  • Saves Money
    Save money on labor with reduced maintenance time. If you want a detailed analysis of your cost saving, contact Flow-rite to be connected with a representative to help show your detailed labor cost savings analysis.
  • Battery Life
    Under-filling and over-filling can both lead to a reduction in capacity, causing your battery to run for a short period of time. Using a battery watering system helps ensure batteries are at the proper electrolyte level, every time.
  • Safety
    Not having to remove the vent caps for maintenance means no risk of acid burns, potentially harmful fumes or ruined clothing from spilled battery acid.

Don't be one of the unlucky ones and find out you need to water your batteries after it's too late. Not watering your batteries can lead to irreversible damage which shortens the lifespan of your golf cart batteries.

How Often Should I Check Water Levels?

If your carts are used frequently this should be done at least monthly. If your golf carts aren't used as often you may get away with not needing to check the levels as often, maybe every other month. However, it is a really good idea to get in the habit of checking and adding water monthly to keep your batteries healthy.

A Special Note

The procedure of checking and filling your batteries with water should only ever be done after fully charging the batteries. Charging generates heat which causes the electrolyte solution to expand. Adding water before you charge the batteries can lead to an overflow of the electrolyte solution.

Where Can I Get A Flow-rite Battery Watering System?

Golf car battery maintenance is extremely important to ensure that your new, or current, electric golf cart runs at peak performance all season long. Pick up your Flow-rite system at a Batteries Plus near you and make battery maintenance for your golf carts a nuisance task of the past. Don't forget to take a look at our large selection of golf cart batteries if it's time for yours to be replaced.

If you're looking for some maintenance accessories to add to your garage for your golf carts, our blog "How Do You Maintain a Golf Cart?" lists out several great additions to your arsenal of tools and accessories to keep on hand to make battery maintenance easier.

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