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On-the-Job Safety Solutions

The Essentials You Need to Keep You Safer at Work

All of the safety essentials and PPE at Batteries Plus Bulbs is rated by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). You can count on products like these to help protect you & your team from workplace hazards like eye, face, hand, body & head injuries, as well as hearing loss. Take a look.

A Business Account Just Makes Sense

If you’re buying gear and equipment for a larger project or a team, consider opening a free business account at Batteries Plus Bulbs.

You’ll take advantage of volume discounts, local delivery, workplace assessments and more. Read more here, or contact the store nearest you for more information.

Learn More about getting a free business account


Crossing guards, carpool lane traffic guides and school safety helpers need to stand out. Equipment like high-visibility vests and LED safety lighting for traffic cones get the job done.


Cities are busy places. Protect workers and those around them with bright safety vests, LED safety lighting for traffic cones, portable speed bumps for traffic management and control and much more.

Other Industries

Many other industries and occupations require safety gear to protect workers and those around them: First responders, maintenance and utility workers, construction teams, those in the transportation industry and more.


Did you know...

You can recycle your spent batteries and light bulbs at your local Batteries Plus Bulbs location. It's a great way to dispose of materials responsibly & help keep them out of landfills.

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