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Apple Watch
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We know your Apple Watch is more than just a watch. In addition to telling time, it helps you monitor your health and activity, displays notifications and even syncs with your iPhone. This high-tech accessory is part of your everyday life – and we'll help you keep it that way.

Services We Provide

Apple Watch Repair

When your Apple Watch needs some work, Batteries Plus Bulbs has you covered. Bring your Apple Watch in for screen repair and battery replacement services.

Apple Watch Screen Repair

A cracked or chipped screen makes your Apple Watch face harder to see. Get an Apple Watch screen replacement at a Batteries Plus Bulbs near you.

Apple Watch Battery Replacement

Is a busted battery keeping you from using your Apple Watch? Our trained technicians can easily replace a dead or faulty battery in-store.

Apple Smartwatch


If you need Apple Watch repair services, including screen and battery replacement, bring it to Batteries Plus Bulbs. Our trained technicians will inspect your watch for damage so they can identify the source of the problem and solve it.

We'll start by looking at the device to determine what caused the screen damage. Sometimes a screen can get chipped or cracked from being dropped or just from everyday use. Other times, the battery can swell due to the gases produced from overcharging (this may be caused by a faulty battery or charger), which can crack the screen. In this case, you'd need a battery replacement, too. Either way, our trusted associates can remove the damaged screen and replace the glass screen on your Apple Watch in-store.

Accidents happen! If your phone is damaged by water, try to dry it out as quickly as you can. Bring it to one of our stores as soon as possible for servicing. We've got several techniques to try and save your phone from water damage and can even send it out to a lab for more work, if needed.

Apple Watch screen replacements start at $159.99, but cost may vary depending on store location and watch series.

We inspect each watch to understand the source of the issue. The battery may have swollen or it just may not be functioning as well as it once did. After daily use and years of wear, the battery may not last through the day. This requires a simple repair – we remove the adhesive without damaging the force touch, and then replace the battery with the force touch and adhesive and seal it back together.

The price of an Apple Watch battery is approximately $39.99.

Contact your local Batteries Plus Bulbs store to make an appointment for Apple Watch repair services. With us, you get a six-month warranty on parts and work and a 12-month warranty on your battery replacement so you get quality you can trust.

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