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Light Bulb Color Temperature

Light bulb color temperature seemed simple when incandescent was your only bulb option. The expansion of LED, and CFL bulbs has led to greater scrutiny of the color of light produced by a bulb.

Color temperature is the level to which the light emitted resembles actual daylight, as measured in Degrees Kelvin (K). For example, bulbs that give off a warmer, more yellowish type of light (similar to incandescent bulbs) register at a much lower K than those that offer a cooler, bright white or slightly bluish hue, which is similar to daylight.

The graphic below illustrates four different color temperatures and the suggested applications for each of them.

Warm White

Soft White

This is a color similar to soft white, but has a warmer glow closely resembling candle light.

Good for a living room, dining room or bedroom.

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Soft White

Soft White

This is a soft, yellowish light that creates a very cozy and relaxing feel.

Good for a living spaces, bedrooms, lobbies, guest rooms, and common areas.

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Cool White

Cool White

This is a bit whiter than the soft white light of an incandescent.

Good for kitchens, food prep areas, bathrooms, security, outdoor lighting or a work space.

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This is a bluish, whitish light and resembles noon on a cloudless day.

Good for working on projects, manufacturing areas, reading or accent lighting.

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